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Almine’s Secret Garden ~ Portal to Prisitine Integrated Oneness

ASG sigil b&wSecret Garden is a magical blend that opens up the inner senses and acts as portal into the Mother’s Garden of delight, where only realness may enter. In this inner sanctum, we may discern clearly–even deceit should it be present–without it tainting the heart or impacting on our self-chosen state of being.

I have written about the blend on other blog posts, and you may explore the blog for more information on the properties of the oils and how incredibly pertinent this blend is for the times ahead. For those who like to explore more deeply, I will point you in the direction of the Predictions, in Windows Into Eternity, where the Mother needs to ‘rearrange her brain’, so that she may discern deceit through the head and not the heart.  We are to remain in a pristine state of harmlessness and purity, as only into this innocent state may the ‘knowingness’ of the eons in the story of separation pour into our being, that we may leave the dream behind. This is our time to grow up, and let the Mother take on a new role beyond saving and coddling her children.

If you would like to explore this blend:

This comes with resource material, audio meditations, an exercise for the eyes to see only what is real, and light and sound elixirs: Portal to the Mother’s Garden, and Awakening Inner Space, which Almine created for me in the last half of 2014.

Here is a short clip, for your enjoyment, from the elixir to awaken inner space.


You may also purchase the materials on their own.

ear master pointsOne suggestion for use of the oil is to rub it into the earlobes, as there is a master sensorial point as well as many other auricular points specific to the senses.  Senses must become a unified field in order that we may easily live inner and outer space simultaneously, as inner space is formless, and outer must yield to it by being in fluidity.

You may also wish to explore the 7 FA Oil Kit with all seven signature blends, which also has Almine’s Secret Garden.

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