Goddess Blend Alchemical Oil


Goddess Blend (a Fuschsia blend) activates the creational codes of the true Feminine in the DNA, which are held in the Rhino's Horn Gate in the coccyx bone. (See wheel, below).
It is the alchemical oil to activate the Spleen meridian and organ (that activates the black blood cell), and may be used in many ways to enhance different effects.
For example, used in conjunction with Blend of the Gods (for the masculine creational codes in the Lion's Grate), a dynamic balance is supported between the inner masculine and feminine, which brings a sense of deep peace, and supports a fluid inner alchemy for manifestation.
A booklet with FA protocols for the Goddess Blend, and beautiful meridian art (light elixirs by Phoebe Surana) is included at no charge, with the purchase of 18 mls or 33 mls. You may purchase the booklet on its own as well.

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3.5 mls, 18 ml + Booklet, 33 ml + Booklet, Booklet

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