Rune Mastery Training with (optional) Initiations


The Runes and Initiations are the original work of Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys, This program is based on her teachings.

Next program, tentatively starting January 2017.
This is a part 'live' online and part self-study. I have changed the training program, so that it is less 'intensive' than previously, hands on with the Rune Mastery App, and slower paced and accessible to a wider audience. It falls somewhere between the mentoring program and the former intensive program.
When you purchase, you will be given start dates, and preliminary material will be sent out as the date nears.  You can read more about Rune mastery and about the Runes of Incorruptible White Magic on the promotions pages and various blog posts. Some details on the program appear below. (Email me if you have questions).
You will need to purchase the Book of Runes for the program. Go to the SJ store, at this link. The book is a great way to start preparing if you are considering the Rune Training.


What distinguishes Incorruptible White Magic from what we may have done before? Several things:
Tools of Incorruptible White Magic are about reality shaping, through the body producing new substance that enables a new reality to take form. You begin to emit substance beyond polarity, as you turn tyrants into tools through unconditional self-responsible engagement in life–recognizing it as your expression–, in surrendered trust and agendalesness.
This program supports you to integrate the runes, so that you learn to wield their power for 3rd ring magic (see below).
The online rune training program includes

  • Approximately 16 hours of live group training (small groups of no more than 7 pple)
  • 2 hours of private one-on-one time
  • Private Initiation into Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery, – If you already have the initiation, you may join at a $200 discount. Email me for this option.
  • Materials (pdfs, audios, videos), and suggestions for self-study and daily practice. See below for some content description.
  • 3 months free membership to the Rune Mastery App


You can prepare for the program through clearing the 12 and 8 meridians, and understanding principles of higher life. Almine's free online course is a great start if you are a beginner. Resources to clear the 12 ordinary meridians and the 8 extraodinary meridians can be found on the AFA products. Email me if you have questions on preparation and materials to use.


This 8-week training program includes the following:

  • Live weekly sessions, in small groups of 7 maximum (to allow for one-on-one support, questions, etc). Calls will be recorded so that you can replay, or in case you have to miss a call. Calls are either on Skype of a teleseminar system (for ceremonies).


  • One-on-one support, where you can schedule a short 30 min private (skype or phone) call during certain hours on certain days (you will receive details). (Up to 4 calls during the program, and you may save them to get a longer session of up to 2 hrs). This can be helpful if you need clarification on certain things, need direction on how best to use the runes for specific situations, loved ones, etc. Email support is provided, but sometimes a quick call is more effective!


  • Includes pdfs, audio, video, access to Rune spreads from the Book of Runes on the Rune Mastery App, integration processes, processes to establish clear communication across 7 fields of perception, etc.


  • Learn Fragrance Alchemy protocols to support all processes


Oh my goodness where to even begin! My good friend and associate, Anita, has been a bright and shining star in my world for a long time. I have been honoured to walk this journey with her and very keen to glean insights from her, as always.
In the Runes Intensive course she has outdone herself in putting together the Almine material, in a way that is so practical and proactive at the same time. Her use of the Runes cards, the god and goddess archetypes as well as the animal archetypes to purify the skin, has been able to reach very old matrices and cleans them right out!
Also the Horary Clock and its very practical use, in working with the Meridians, and bringing the Sub-personalities into higher harmonics, is extraordinary! Its power was just such a surprise to me!
I have benefited so greatly from this program and I recommend it highly, to initiates and also to adepts, as there are many levels to access with these courses.

Love you Anita!! Dhani


 To read testimonials from the live event, click here.


Thank you Anita – That was very a very beautiful ceremony, deeply cleansing and illuminating at so many levels, by the end of it if felt like the inner light matched my luminous cocoon and the shell cracked and broke. There was no fear of vastness but such a fluidity as if i was in a clear soap bubble of my own field of hope, blue and white light around it. I felt amazing light, as if I taken off a very heavy old coat…
Thank you again dear sister for such profound work. Much love, Erlisa


Things Covered in the Training

The training will bring to life the esoteric meaning of the number 672, from the perspective of the vertical and horizontal axes of existence. And you will learn about the full meridian system, god/goddess archetypes, and the fields of perception to much greater depth.
The runes have come forth to support our next evolutionary leap to close down time and space. According to Almine, those who master them and effectively become the Bridges of No Time and the Bridges of No Space will establish the portal to the reality of no opposites, wherein each being is wholly self-sovereign of their slice of Infinite Life. This portal opening will cause the graceful destructuring of the old, and though this, we will move to much higher states evolved awareness. This is underway, and I invite all those who feel so stirred, to join on this rewarding next step!

  • Understand the evolution through the sub-personalities and their correspondences to the meridians, directions, and how as they heal, harmonize, and their polarities resolve, we close down time and space. Ceremony to collapse polarities, collapse directions, and internalize space through a powerful process of merging between the subpersonalities of the horizontal and those of the vertical axis.

  • Understand the “loop in time” and how we close it down through embodying tones of the kingdoms of Nature and singing the Song of Existence. This establishes “pristine man” within, which is necessary to achieve diversity within unity. A series of audios and videos has been created to support this profound process.

  • Clearing the breaches to body centers along the Du and Ren channels, which make up the Bridge of No Time and healing the outer senses that have ‘fallen’ or lost their feminine. This prepares you to become the living Bridge between both realities, achieving Oneness and living full autonomy–diversity within unity. With outer senses of the fields of black light becoming activated as fields, their respective runes become active powers that bridge inner and outer realities.


  • Learn to master the Tool of Transcendence, that is part of the equation of Perpetual Alchemy with the Infinite.

  • Learn powerful spreads for guidance and manifestation that you can do daily for accelerated integration of the runes.

    • We use the power of the runes to augment processes to clear body systems, particularly 1- the organs of the body, which have acted as containers of all that has been unresolved from the dream of separation, 2- the skin, which has acted as the largest matrix that has trapped us in all the unresolved distortions of the past. Yet, when the powers trapped in organs and skin are consciously lived, we leave the ‘flatland’ of the 2-dimensional matrix and enter into full self-sovereign expression of our godhood. These processes awaken the 6th and 7th outer senses, enabling us to evolve awareness on the 6th and 7th fields of perception, and truly wield the power of the runes of godhood and of the unfolding journey.


    • Meditative activations of the meridian system, to higher functionality–in particular, the 8 extraordinary meridians become reservoirs of source able to powerfully fertilize the seeds of Infinite Intent, in the 12 ordinary meridians that activate as ‘wombs of Fluid Manifestation of Infinite Intent‘.


    • Throughout, Fragrance Alchemy protocols are given….for the organs, to move qi from the deep reservoirs in the body, to activate body centers, etc.


    wow, that was such an intense, session, my entire body is vibrating at such an intensity, that it is a bit difficult to gather thoughts and to even type.I am so profoundly grateful for this entire experience, there has been such deep levels of transformation within my being, words truly can not express the gratitude I am feeling. Each spread that we have done, has awakened me with such clarity, yet, this one, sent me flying!!!

    I see clearly, how and where I have lingered in the games and matrices, and was not letting go, to take my place in this most powerful time. And, now all feels lifted… I have FINAllY been released, and I feel free. How, all of our runes came together so divinely and lifted this layer, for me, was and is breathtaking. It was so clear. Thank you Anita!!!!!! Marisa

    Rune Mastery Initiation Only Option

    I also offer an option with the full support to meet the preparation requirements, along with a powerful meditative process, followed by initiation into mastery level. Read about this option to be initiated by following this link: Rune Mastery Initiation

    Just a quick but very big thank you for the very inspiring Skype call today. I am deeply inspired and energized by all that you’ve shared with me over the past weeks, and was very grateful for today’s opportunity to just listen to you speak and expand on information shared.
    Being a Natural Therapist with strong Chinese Medicine interests, the way this info from both you and Almine is so expansive, progressive as well as evolutionary, to me, makes this journey all the more rewarding.
    I am most grateful and deeply attracted to journey using these tools. Thank you so much for sharing yourself. Deeply grateful.
    SMB, Australia

    Anita,I want you to know how absolutely grateful I am that I am able to participate in these teachings. I knew Almine’s teachings were for me from the first time I inadvertently discovered them while taking Arasatma Breath sessions, but there is so much and it is difficult to find the way through everything from a place of density.
    Your presentation and organization of her materials has helped me tremendously. Things are shifting. It is like welcoming old friends back home when integrating the affirmations from the 12 Ordinary Meridians and the 8 Extraordinary meridians. Everything you discussed last night made total sense to me and I was thinking at one point that all of these practical exercises are only to help us remember what we already know.
    Thank you for all you do and for your obvious joy in your own journey!! Nancy J, USA


    In Appreciation of Almine


    Almine-in-whiteThe Runes of Incorruptible White Magic have been gifted to us by the Infinite, through the great seer and mystic Almine. We are eternally grateful to her for her devotion to our awakening. Our impeccable embodiment of these sacred tools, in deep reverence, are a gift of our appreciation to her.

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