The Seven Fields of Perception

Operating from the full 7 fields of perception as our experience of embodiment is imperative at this time.
Resources are dwindling–since Feb 2013, we have been wroking to rise into a new reality–based on integrated opposites rather tahn divided opposites. Energy produced by dynamo of giong betw opp poles. When resources dwindle…have to widen gap between poles, and the result is war. If we stay in matrix, life comes through hardship and energy source remains polarity. We have to define new ways of energy. This is through livnig as the bridge that is integrated oneness.

Relationship is hte opening of a wide stick with gap between poles. We want to maintain the width of poles…diversity of polar expression..yet create the integrated balance…we also want to establish depth, so that we live in the middle of the depth and width. This produce self-sovereignty.

Free energy device when we leave the matrix. We are changing interpretive matrices that imprison, to membrane that offers possibilitites. Hydo-electric energy is what we are seeking. The Hydro is flow, and electric are like the fluid banks of the river. Structured flow, disciplined spontaneity. It’s a directional guidance system. Flow and structure is what the BC affords us. We can plan, we flow through strong emotions from emotioanal sovereignty..(o/w neediness of herat and fem matrix)

Live from flow and structure at same time.

Fluid spontaneity within discipline.. (hydro, electric is structure to capture the energy from the flow)

Depth: 7 levels, quantum fields…fields of perception. each one yields a new perspective. 7 levels of life at once, you can see things even before they manifest in physical. Effortless knowing of things coming bc starting to live from deeper levels of expression. 7 depths of perceiving and responding. Studying these levels raises consciousness. Consciousness means how many levels can you see at once.

As you live from deeper levels, you have a deeper pool of resources to draw from. You have to clear all levels within your own being’s expression (very challenging to do) or you have to have a way to negate their ability to challenge yoru life. That is very crucial.

Disciplined flow is like income…there has to be harnessing and flow of supply. We are not dipping into 7 levels of resources that are just sitting there..and other way to provide means for the flow.

6 of the fields create 6 circles around the 7th. The 6 provide the fluid structure, and 7th is the flow. All circles are of the same diameter. As the river grows bigger, the banks of the 6 grow bigger. The water or flow depends on banks and vice versa. We now have dynamic harnessed flow.

We need surrendered trust so that you can move outside banks and be in trust.

Flow needs to be there in terms of spontaneity (authenticity..from guidance within) and trusting…from emotional sovereignty that comes from living the subpersonality. 1- fluid structure and discipline flow…structure creates a rut..but with flow…between the 7 levels of perception..learn to live from between..

Note: You may access the summary of the seven fields as given below, in pdf format: 7 Fields Summary pdf

We will be exploring the seven fields of perception to greater depth in future. Below are some preliminary resources to work with. What I really wanted to share is the meditation by Almine, where the black waters of the Haaraknit become the substance of black light, below.  And so I have added greater context for that meditation on the 7 fields.

7 fieldsThe 7 Fields correspond to the 7 main chakras of the body–each chakra is a portal to a different dimension of reality.

1- (Root) Field of Shamanism and connection to the natural world.  The inner and outer states of nature, becoming harmless, and recognizing all without to be within prepares you to engage this field with mastery. Power comes through alignment with the interconnectedness of existence

2- (Sacral) Field of communication with the hidden realms of the angels, fairies, and all etheric beings – living from joy and in the wonderment of the child opens you to this realm. Innocence, harmlessness, joy, and purity of heart allow us to be in reciprocity with this realm. It is the field of incorruptible magic through cooperation with the Infinite.

3- (Solar Plexus) Field of healing through remembered oneness. All healing is through remembering that there ever only was/is perfection. As we open to this realization, we achieve unhindered cellular communication, and the body fluidly responds to our refined perception.

4- (Heart) Field of mysticism, through which we know the environment to be an expression of what lies within. We engage life as simultaneous observer and observed, knowing it to be dream, yet a dream that has value. The highest engagement is in “aware participation as appreciative observer”. We become the “impeccable spiritual warrior in cooperation with divine will, that walks the timeless journey in pristine power.”

The first 4 fields correspond to the four directions, and the four lower bodies of man that dwell in the white light realities. As we dissolve the mirrors, these fields reveal their mysteries to us increasingly.

The last 3 fields are black light realities, which become accessible to consciousness when the black blood cell is activated through the 671st acupuncture point. Unless the BBC is activated, we cannot have awake awareness on these fields. The BBCs are “the agents of exhilarating and harmonious communication–profound carriers of integration” that enable us to expand awareness and reach the deep peace of knowing all to be within.

5- (Throat) Field of Metaphysics–we may study the cosmos to learn about the Self, and vice versa. It is ‘As below so above“.  When aware on this field, we begin to live archetypally as cosmic beings, and our level of devotion to engaging life increases dramatically. This level of life is accessible to the eternal self, which is revealed through “perpetual renewed expression”.  Any programmed responses bar us from this field of communication.

6- (6th Chakra) Field of Godhood–within each being there slumbers divinity. We live this field by full presencing of life from our unique individuation. To express from uniqueness, we are completely beyond programmed responses or limitation; to be wholly present is to not leave room for anything artificial. We expand our power on this field through the resonant awakening of the opened heart, in divine compassion, that recognizes and relates to the divinity in others.

With the above six fields of perception activated and in unhindered intercommunication, they form the ‘banks of the river’, for the flow of the One life (see image of 6 wheels that enclose a 7th). The six provide fluid banks such that they hold the river that is Source, yet yield to its Intent. Without engagement on all six fields, we are a leaky vessel that is unable to contain the flow of Infinite Intent. Engaging the perceptions of each field results in conscientious use of resources, where accrual on one level is flow on another…we are perpetually sustained and there can be no loss. What we set in motion from Infinite Intent is eternally regenerating.  

7- (Crown) Field of the Never-ending Journey– this is the unfolding Intent of the Infinite. “When we cooperate with it, we align ourself with the never-ending source of energy and other resources. We become vital and powerful beyond belief by aligning with he great power of the Universe;  except suddenly, power has no meaning, because it is complete surrender, with the Infinite working through us.” Through ever new (5th) and unique (6th) expression, we operate from the eternal and real part of self such that all matrices/membranes dissolve.  In the 7th Field, we achieve oneness, by acknowledging all of existence as the Self through establishing permeating unified fields of communication.

Almine has stated that the 12 meridians organize life externally–they purify the experience with outer reality. The 8 extraordinary meridians are the channels of inner space, which purify the inner reality. Up to now, we have lived these as separate realities. When the 12 OMs clear of memory and emotional imprints and sing the tones of harmlessness, we are ready to flow greater power through our life. When the 8 EMs are free of illusions that create static matrices and sing the tones of fertility, we are ready to engage fluidly with Infinite Intent.  It is then that the 12 and 8  operate as a unified field, with inner and outer being perspectives rather than separate worlds.

Rune image - owl and starThe 7 Fields of Perception are the dimensions of reality that we engage with in embodiment. The four lower fields have been lived as separate or external to us, while the 3 upper fields have been lived in the dream state.  When we awaken in all levels of perception, we achieve oneness, and thereby all of cosmic life is unified. As we live the eight tones of fertility and the perceptions of the seven fields of communication, we will have established our being in the center of the vertical and horizontal discs of life, and activated the 15 pointed star in the heart that is the mark of the Rune Grand Master. We will live godhood and pristine man in integrated oneness–we are then the Bridge of No Time and No Space, engaged in perpetual and high alchemy.

Audio Talk by Almine:

Seven Tones of Self-Responsibility

The communication between the chakras system has been fully distorted in the past.  The chakras have been operating in isolation to one another, and the pineal has been looking at messages in a mirror of inversion.  We have thus been unable to access all seven fields in which we have our embodiment, and so have been in a state of feeling lack and compromised in our ability to manifest life from boundlessness.  The tones of the 24 chakra system begins to establish a common language between masculine and feminine, so that internal tension is reduced, and the gap that prevents us from receiving and interpreting Infinite Intent is dissolved.

Just as a common language needs to be established between masculine and feminine, to enable the fluid internal alchemy for the body’s magical abilities to come online (via the 24 chakras), so too do the 7 main chakras–7 fields of perception that enable us to operate on 7 distinct dimensions need to speak a common language. This language comprises the 7 Tones of Self-Responsibility, which you have been receiving during the past week. Learn these by heart so that you can live into them more deeply.  We will be adding to the 7-fold principles in the next segment, as the leap to the alchemical marriage of masculine and feminine requires tools for elevated living.

Contemplating the 7 Principles of the Fields of Perception with Fragrance Alchemy

Anoint the body with the 7 FA oils, study the seven principles of the unfolding journey, read the affirmations for each field (in the Chakra FoC and FA Body Anointing pdf), and study the equation of eternal supply. In our embodiment, we express on 7 fields, and we achieve oneness through becoming aware on all these fields simultaneously. This happens as we clear the matrices that have separated the chakras and hindered inter-communication, and by refining inner and outer senses so that the chakras receive and emit information.

7- Fields Meditation

For the meditation…

  • Place the ceremony wheels (below) around where you will be for the meditation (lay them clockwise in a circle, and after the meditation, gather them up counterclockwise).
  • Draw the angel sigils on the body locations, as given in the Sigils of the 7 Angels pdf , and call their names (use washable marker; alternatively, you may sign them on your body). Ask the angels to support clearing the matrices/membranes between the chakras.
  • Anoint the body with 7 FA Oils for the fields of perception.

Additional Meditations

Beautiful angelic invocation for effortless and profound change….