Songs of the Ocean Series by Phoebe Surana

Songs of the Ocean

The series ‘Songs of the Ocean’ was co-created with the hidden kingdoms during my on-going journey through the 16 principles of hope. In order to process the indivisible ocean of the Infinite and the fluidity of our rising consciousness, I decided to participate with our light family in making tangible this rising consciousness with the power of light elixirs. ‘Songs of the Ocean’ invokes in me the beauty to fire the imagination, the joyous anticipation of unspecified and surprising outcomes, the aware recognition of the Infinite possibilities presented by the moment, broadcasting the song of hope as a life-giving blessing to all, and the patient creation of our lives as an unfolding work of art. I have made 5 pieces for this series, but there are 16 principles and wheels for the Principles of Hope. It is in grand devotion to a new-reality that I gift these precious portals to you…

Phoebe is offering this series of 5 exquisite and enlivening light elixirs in honor of Almine for the fundraiser week. You may purchase the series for a suggested donation of $35. The value of this series is $105.00 (based on her storefront value system). Along with the light elxirs, you will receive the 16 wheels of Hope (by Almine) that inspired this series, and a pdf with elaborations on each principles (by Anita Lucia). Upon purchase, you will receive a download link to the jpg files. This is a limited time offer.

Enter the Draw for a Personalized Light Elixir by Phoebe!!

With donations of $50 or more, or purchases during the fundraiser week of $150 or more, you will be entered into a draw for a personalized Light Elixir by Phoebe! Visit the page for information on her Personalized Blessing Elixirs.

Phoebe and

Phoebe Surana-Mehit PortraitPhoebe’s gift of visions and dreaming has cultivated an animation of passionate awakening , and an enthusiasm for detail that brings artistic joy to those who love her. In adoration and jubilance she has reclaimed her divinity, and has chosen to guard and sanctify the ancient secrets of the Goddess. Called to wield the rings of magic, Phoebe assists in ‘unplugging’, ‘opening’, and ‘clearing’ the paths of the sub-conscious, and the secret chambers of inner space. Through this calling she has become a Grand Master of Belvaspata, High Alchemist, and Master of the Runes. Phoebe refers to her gifts of magic as “the gift of the rose”. Visit her website and gallery at