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Power of the One


This potent alchemical oil has been blended by the Seer from five oils, sourced from countries around the Globe, as revealed in a vision. Each ingredient captures the essential power of an element, held within the oil and released by the alchemy.

In combing the five awakened ingredients in exactly the correct order and proportions, a powerful blend is born that awakens the Self-Sustaining qualities of self-sovereign mastery. The body becomes a cauldron, or receptacle, for the alchemy of embodied power.

Comes in 3.5 mls, and 18 mls.

A program to activate the 5 elements will be released in Spring 2020.

The 5-element wheel image, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

FA Kit to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians

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Experience the power of 12 alchemical oils received by Almine, to clear the 12 ordinary meridians of debris from false emotions and painful memory that keep us bound in repetitive cycles and under the forces of decay.

These alchemical oils have the power to dissolve memory and trapped emotions from the meridians, when used regularly. And they cause instantaneous shifts to emotional states.

This product comes with the FA oils, the basic manual, and some additional support material (more extensive materials sold separately for $37). For more details, see below.

Sizes Options:

FA 12 OM kit may be purchased in sample size (2 mls), larger 3.5 bottles that have the convenient dropper, and 18 ml size for practitioners and those who use the oils frequently.

The 18 ml size kit is discounted by $240 (over 40%) off the price if purchased separately. Comes with an elegant red pouch with the Fragrance Alchemy logo on it. Also comes with the full support materials for the basic kit.

Sale on until end of cosmic year (Feb 14/2018): Get $20 off the 3.5 ml option with materials (price discounted in system), and get a free sample of Awakening Self-Compassion Blend with the 12 OM kit in 3.5 mls or 18 mls sizes. No special on sample size kit.

The Alchemical Oils for the Five Elements Kit


The work of the great mystic Almine continues to amaze and lead us deeper into the mysteries of creation and the depth of being.  These latest oil blends support the leveraged powers of the meridians, and open up a ‘bridge’ of  communication between the masculine and feminine, supporting us to a life beyond opposition, in which there is easy flow from intent to form.

Recommended for daily use, these potent oils support clearing at deep levels and bring blessings to all in your environment.

The 5 alchemical oils are:

  • Fires of Inspiration ~ Fire Element
  • Song of the Earth ~ Earth Element
  • Breath of Spring ~ Wind or Metal Element
  • Summer Rain ~  Water Element
  • Rustle of Consciousness ~ Aether or Wood Element

Duo Kit: Self-Compassion & Self-Regeneration


These two new fragrance blends, created by Almine, are potent and timely!

The Awakening Self-Compassion blend activates the power of deeper self-valuing, self-acknowledgment, and self-love needed to move to higher levels of life that are now open to us. It promotes a return to wholeness as we reclaim lost, rejected parts and get ready to make a leap into the self-sovereignty of the Incorruptible White Light. Unconditional self-compassion and self-love are necessary to being able to embrace our environment and take responsibility for it as our expression.

And these awakened qualities enhance our body’s power to self-regenerate, self-heal, and self-rejuvenate. The second blend in the kit is Self-Regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance–an alchemical oil that restores timelessness to the body and fields, as we come into deeper wholeness.

Both blends are exquisite and potent!

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Regeneration/Rejuvenation Rose Quartz & Guasha kit Blessed by the Seer

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This product was developed to support regeneration to evolve the body as fluid vehicle for awakening. The Rose Quartz kit has been blessed and alchemically activated by the Seer Almine, to support body fluidity and regeneration, and to induce remembered wholeness.  It will help to restore frequencies of wholeness in face and body, and release distorted ones from the stories and trauma we carry in the cells and other ‘minds’ throughout body and fields.

The product comes with the following:

** The kit: a rose quartz roller + heart-shaped Guasha tool to stimulate blood and Qi flow and acupuncture points on the body.

** Wheels to keep the tools at a high vibrational state:

  • Laminated Wheel of Perpetual Regeneration through the 144 Tones of Purity (and two stickers of the wheel to use on your facial wash or cream
  • Laminated 5-Elements Wheel of evolved consciousness

**Four sample-size FA oils to use with the protocols

  • Flight of the Falcon
  • Forever New
  • Self-Regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation through Self-Acceptance
  • Awakening Self-Compassion

**A main facial protocol to heal and activate meridians, organs, chakras, Vagus nerve and other important centers of the body
**Several audio/videos with processes with the kit
**Pages of materials to access on the AiB website (using the Rose Quartz tools)
**Small booklet of uses of the tool
**Video for an Alchemical Facial and body activation

Quantities are limited, and may be on back order when you purchase.

Shipping of $15 has been added to the price. If you’re outside North America, there may be a surcharge.

There are 3 options for the program:

  • As self-study – materials only
  • With Live Support (including all materials) over 28 days
  • As a Repeat Participant – Live Support and no materials

The next date for Live Support is November 11th, 2020, and it is facilitated by Sandra Saradesi.  Email me if you wish for further details.

Forever New


The Rejuvenation oil, Forever New, was received by Almine because a life of self-renewal is our next step.

Almine describes the scent as follows:

“Sourced from selected countries, this remarkable blend consists of oils and spices traditionally used to promote youthfulness and restore vitality. The youth-promoting properties of its ingredients, are overshadowed by the alluring fragrance loved by both men and women. It’s dominant note of champaka oil from China, mingles with Arabian musk, Hawaiian pikake and exotic spices.”

  *   *   *   *   *

There is a center an arm’s length in front of us, at the edge of our energetic fields and just below navel level, and it is indented when one is leaking to a sub-creation. It is here where our life-force can get siphoned. This is possible whenever we are seeking to get something external to us.  Since there is nothing outside the self, this cords us into illusion.  This FA oil fills this indented space such the the leak is plugged up, and we can follow through by withdrawing  focus from anything that has appeared as an external need…external belief system…institutions we have lived within, and so on.

This oil has many critical functions, and you can read a few of these below. It is a formulation for both men and women, but can be worn under the feet if men find it too strong or for anyone who works in a scent-free environment (you can apply a very small amount in this case).

The oil is ideally applied 2 inches below the navel.

The Twelve Oils of High Magic


These new FA Blends stand out as being in a class of their own! Their refined potency entrains the wearer to a new reality beyond what is attainable by most.

These oils are an essential tool for the masters who are preparing for the stage beyond Resurrection — the limitless life of Incorruptible White Light; a life of High Magic. In High Magic, the miraculous is a side effect of a live well-lived, following inspiration and guidance from our highest truth that arises in the moment unfolding.

Watch this video by Almine on the body as an expression of our limitlessness:

Read about the 12 oils below.

Available in the usual sizes: kits of 3.5 mls or 18 mls sizes, as well as a 2.4 sample kit that is easier for travel.


With the 18 mls size, you get an elegant red pouch to store your oils in (good for travel).


The Eternal Song


A new blend received by Almine! This very timely alchemical oil fills out the missing tones in the Voice, so we speak ourselves into greater emergence and purity.

This refined and pleasing oil, is designed to activate the self-healing capabilities in the voice center. Injury to the mind. body and soul comes from missing tones in the voice. Restoring them, restores the voice function of sound healing and strokes the body into self-regenerating.”  Apply to any pulse points such as the wrists–of course around the neck near throat or on it too.

The Voice is the confluence point where intent, tone, and life force meet to reveal a higher reality and manifest into it.  This oil activates the mystical center at the Throat that activates when the speech is impeccable and without hidden agenda.  Read more details below.

Self-Regeneration & Self-Rejuvenation

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I am very excited to announce a new potent FA blend by Almine, to support self-regeneration. It is “Self-regeneration and self-rejuvenation through self-acceptance“.

This beautiful blend deals with “cellular regeneration by reminding atomic matter of its higher function – it overrides the memory of decay or impairment held in the atomic matrix (the electromagnetic field generated by the electrons).” The result is youthening…agelessness…

“Everywhere you go, forget everything you know.”

(From the Saredesi Fountain of Youth teachings, by Almine)

Inherent in life is its ever new, ever regenerative and vitalizing power. Essentially memory of what was prevents the ever newness of life to arise in you. When you release the past and immerse in the timelessness of the present moment, life has the power to regenerate, renew, youthen, and vitalize.



Alchemical Oil Trio for Establishing Self-Sovereignty


This protocol involves 3 alchemical oils–each specific to stopping the leaking of resources to a lower reality of collective programming.

Specifically, the protocol supports a person to leave the lower human paradigm of a collective, programmed reality, in order to awaken in the real…and be able to manifest a ‘real’ environment or a higher order.

You can read more about the details on how the oils work on the block post, linked to below.

Alchemical oil blends are:

Flight of the Falcon – aligns the 3 centers of Head, Heart, Gut and heals the nervous and alarm systems–opening a person to the true reality of heaven on earth.

Forever New – plugs up a major leak in our auric field, and stimulates the brain stem in support of cellular renewal (erasing stories of the past)

Sacred Space – clears and combats the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with, which cause holes in our fields that result in illness, emotional manipulation, and mind control.

Price for the kit is about 12% below purchasing individually.

Song of the High Heart Oil


A most exquisite and potent alchemical oil blend that opens the High Heart as the 672nd acupuncture point — key to higher functioning of the entire meridian system. Its formulation was revealed to Almine in October 2014, soon after inner and outer space merged as one.

This FA blend is will support the acceleration of body changes and more graceful unfolding in life with daily use and tapping on the point.  The Song of the High Heart is made with the rare and precious champaca oil, which is a highly prized oil in perfumery. Champaca absolute is distilled from the flowers of the Magnolia champaca tree.

This high priced fragrant oil not only offers a rich, sensual, and very distinctive aroma, it is also a natural remedy for stress, tension, and vertigo. It is considered to be one of the best remedies for depression, and is known to promote relaxation and a feeling of happiness and well-being. It is also considered to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

There are two acupressure points that have been lost to the knowledge of man for centuries (Almine). Called the two resurrection points, because of the important role they play in preparing the recipient for resurrection, these are the 671st and 672nd acupuncture points.

One point is two finger widths above the navel. This point uses lotus oil. The other point, even more important, since it serves as a bridge between inner and outer space, is the point of the high heart, three finger widths below the hollow at the base of the neck. The Song of the High Heart holds the frequencies to unlock and activate this important portal.

Song of The High Heart has the power to bring fluidity to one who lives the surrendered life. Expect magic!

The oils is sold in the 18 ml and 3.5 ml sizes singly, or may be purchased in the 3.5 ml size with the kits (7-set signature blend kit, and the 25-oil kit of Rune Mastery).

To read more about this magical blend, see below.

<s trong>With the 18 ml purchase, you receive a pdf with sigils for the 3 resurrection points (to merge the realities of pristine man, godhood, and supergodhood, or individuation, oneness, and integrated oneness), as well as an angelic elixir blend for the high heart.

Sigil of Song of the High Heart and light elixir, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys (

Fairy Crossing


This delightful fragrance oil  blend with its light-hearted ambience,  instills hopefulness, and inspires the ability to see the magic in life. It’s playful and innocent notes awaken peace and contentment.

Blended especially as a signature fragrance to celebrate the timeless attraction of the young at heart.