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FA Kit for the Healing the Eight Sub-Personalities of the Psyche


We are so blessed to have new FA blends received by Almine, to support healing and full expression of the sub-personalities.

These FA oil blends support healing and activation of the sub-personalities to full expression, which enable us operate in a manner that we are ‘in this world but not of it’, and to secrete the higher hormones for a reality outside of the law of compensation.

Fragrance Alchemy has been described at the most powerful alchemy there is. These alchemical blends entrain us to remember the pristine and indivisible expression of the Inner Family, which heals the fractured psyche and clears trauma from body and life.

These new FA blends are highly activating to support us to make this profound change to presencing our reality fully through the activated body that operates from our vast consciousness. (Read below for more details).

In this kit you get the following alchemical oil blends, priced at 30% below the price of purchasing individually.

The Vertical Axis of Form:

  • Blues Skies for healing and activation of the Inner Child
  • Golden Flower for healing and activation of the Inner Nurturer
  • The Fountain of Life for healing and activation of the Inner Sage
  • Liquid Gem for healing and activation of the Inner Warrior

and the Horizontal Axis of Formlessness

  • Song of the Dove for healing and activation of the Inner Babe
  • Dance in the Moonlight for healing and activation of the Wild Woman
  • The Elixir of Golden Light for healing and activation of the High Mind
  • Distant Horizon for healing and activation of the Inner Adventurer

Read about the blends and their properties, below.

Included in this kit:

  • The 8 new FA blends for the sub-personalities, in 3.5 mls or 18 mls
  • New labels with sigils on the the bottles, so that oils will be kept pristine when traveling
  • Sample of the FA Blend, “Coming Home”
  • Pdfs with the sigils for the 8 blends
  • Suggested FA protocols (pdf)
  • Wheel of Dynamic Balance of the sub-personalities

A package of materials to start working with the sub-personalities and the 8 extraordinary meridians may be purchased with the oils. See the purchase options listed. The materials you get are listed here. Options for more materials and deeper study are described in more detail, below.

  • Table of correspondences and affirmations (pdf)
  • Booklet of Light Elixirs for the corresponding 8 extraordinary meridians by Almine
  • Audio of the 24 Principles of Coming to the Self (principles received by Almine)
  • Audio to activate the microcosmic orbit of androgynous expression with a special FA protocol
  • Rune integration through the full inner family of sub-personalities (access to the amazing Rune Mastery Environment App)


Anita- Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this Inner Child oil. I am still working miracles with it. It’s making mom and dad much more cooperative in this world. They are much better behaved these days.

Inner babe’ Song of the Dove is the source of inspiration. It’s VERY sensual!
You have to loose your identity in order find this source. Very potent. DhaniI had a sense of deep recognition and activation from the Dance in the Moonlight! Jodie


Wheel of Dynamic Balance of the sub-personalities, by Almine,  LLC Spiritual Journeys,