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Breath of Spring (Wind/Metal)


Wind / Metal Element

This fragrant blend encourages the unencumbered freedom of authentic expression. It balances the wisdom of being true to your heart, with the compassionate consideration of the impact of actions on the interconnectedness of all life

In the Wind/Metal element, we reclaim our intrinsic value to unfolding life, through full cooperation with the potential of the moment. From this willingness to presence the fullness of the moment and allow life to flow through us unresisted, we open to receiving the full blessings the moment offers.

Living the higher powers of the 5 elements elevates our life beyond the law of compensation.

Power of the One


This potent alchemical oil has been blended by the Seer from five oils, sourced from countries around the Globe, as revealed in a vision. Each ingredient captures the essential power of an element, held within the oil and released by the alchemy.

In combing the five awakened ingredients in exactly the correct order and proportions, a powerful blend is born that awakens the Self-Sustaining qualities of self-sovereign mastery. The body becomes a cauldron, or receptacle, for the alchemy of embodied power.

Comes in 3.5 mls, and 18 mls.

A program to activate the 5 elements will be released in Spring 2020.

The 5-element wheel image, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Summer Rain


SUMMER RAIN – Activating the Water Element
This blend is experienced as movement between the multilayered notes of the fragrance. Its alchemy is formulated to encourage the fluidity needed for a masterful life of grace.

Water element relates to emotional expression, which when purified, brings the creative power to manifest a life of beauty and grace. Read more below.