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Blues Skies ~ Oil of the Inner Child


Alchemical Oil  For Healing and Activation of the Inner Child

Blue Skies is a dynamic blend that dissolves old emotional baggage, allowing for the spontaneity of expression of the masculine and confidence in the feminine’s strength.  The blend promotes trust in spontaneity and the innocence of timelessness.

One of 8 new blends to bring profound healing to the inner family of sub-personalities, and establish harmonious interaction within so that all inner battles cease, and we operate from wholeness and deep self-love. 

The balanced Inner Child (IC) brings the ability to dream the impossible beyond limitation, which dissolves the tyranny of logical mind that believes in  past limitations,  and attunes us to a reality of of profound interconnectedness and all-possibilities. The permeating presence of the IC that trusts life and engages in jubilant expression is key to unlocking the powers of magic within us. 

The healed IC brings unique core powers to live from the fullness of the present moment, in timelessness and wonderment.

Blues Skies is available in 3.5 ml, 18 ml or 33 ml  sizes. 

With your purchase of Blue Skies, you receive

  • a pdf with a description of the Inner Child,  affirmations for healing the Inner Child, and suggested applications for the Blue Skies blend
  • a brainwave entrainment audio to the deep delta state where healing of the Inner Child level is best done
  • a sample of the FA Blend, Coming Home to the Self