We are very happy to support affiliation in support of spreading Fragrance Alchemy and empowering your business.

There are two options to earn from sales of Fragrance Alchemy. One way is to become an Affiliate, the other is as a Reseller. Simplest way is to sign up as an Affiliate.

Affiliate Option

Affiliation is quick and easy. As an affiliate, there is no investment and no need to handle clients directly. You get an affiliate link to the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy site and give that to your clients. The affiliate system looks after the rest. A sale from a client that accesses the AFA site from your link always goes to you, even should they go to the AFA site directly after that. Your earnings are 25% of the sale.

Your clients will also receive all the custom materials that I’ve developed for Fragrance Alchemy over the years.

If you are an affiliate, please login and go to the Affiliate area in your Account. If you are not an affiliate, you can join the affiliate program here:

If you don’t see your affiliate url once signed up, send me an email.

Once you have your affiliate id string, you can add it to any product on the site, and when you link to it from your site, your clients will go directly to the product page to make the purchase. If you need support to get up your products pages, or would like to find out what best products are a match to what you offer, etc, I am happy to set up a time to meet on zoom. Reach out, as great potentials are there for affiliation with these incredible alchemical products!

Reseller Option

For this option, please send an email to [email protected], with Fragrance Alchemy Reseller in the subject line.

A reseller is for those who wish to stock their own oils and sell directly to clients. For example, if you are a spa or store owner, the reseller option is ideal. It also works if you have an online business where you ship product. Support is provided to ship to clients out of your country. Margins are 10% higher for you, once you make an initial investment in Fragrance Alchemy oils.