FA logo 2Below is a list of the Fragrance Alchemy oils listed by themes of healing and awakening.  The best application locations on the body are not given here. For that you can explore the information on the site (some are given), or may need to have the protocols that come with the kits offered.

Good places to apply the oils when you are unsure of best location is under the feet, on wrists and ankles, and on the ears. These 3 areas cover most of the body in some manner.  Ears particularly act as a homonculus (micro replica) of the human body, but also on 3 energetic levels–making it a good choice at the best of times.

If the area/theme you’re looking for is not on the list, send me an email! This list was a first attempt at a quicker reference to navigate through all the many fragrance alchemy options. I expect it will expand over time.

Abundance (Receptiveness to)

Neroli, Jasmine and:

goddess blend alchemical oil • Price from: US$10 - US$129to product
velvet nights • Size: 3.5 mls, 18 mls • Price from: US$22 - US$89add to cartto product
oasis sunset • Size: 3.5 mls, 18 mls • Price from: US$22 - US$89add to cartto product

Adventure (embracing the) / Boosting Confidence

Hathor, Fountain of Life (Inner Adventurer), Gardenia (courage to self-sovereignty) and:

papyrus fa oil (masculine blend) • Price from: US$9 - US$59to product
lotus ~ fa oil (feminine blend) • Price from: US$18 - US$129to product
seven veils • Size: 3.5 mls, 18 mls • Price from: US$22 - US$89add to cartto product
desert dawn • Size: 3.5 mls, 18 mls • Price from: US$22 - US$89add to cartto product


Arabian Nights and:

blend of the gods fa oil (agarwood) • Price from: US$27 - US$179to product
song of the high heart oil • Price from: US$27 - US$99to product

Awakening the Power of the Senses / Sensuality / Omni-Sensory Power to Manifest

Arabian Nights, Luxor, Secrets of Nefertiti, Desert Moon, Almine’s Secret Garden, Song of the Rose, Jasmine, Lily. Lotus

Body Evolution – Activating Hidden Powers in the Body

Chakra kit, Lotus oil (pineal, high heart), Desert Moon (etheric womb), Narcissus

Chakra Activation

Chakra Kit, Realms of Innocence (3rd eye activation), Bedouin of the Night (lower chakras)

Clearing the Past / Releasing Density from the Body / Joints / Cell Memory

Blue Lagoon, Lotus oil, Queen of the Nile, Sandalwood, Essence of Magic, Queen of the Nile, Moonlight Garden (past held at soul level)

Compassion / Empathy / Inclusiveness

Awakening Self-compassion, Starlight on Aswan (empathy/telepathy), Golden Flower (inclusiveness, open heart)


Song of the High Heart, Blend of the Gods

DNA Activation Oils and Higher Hormones

Blend of the Gods, Goddess Blend, Song of the Rose, Song of the High Heart. Blue Lagoon


Blend of the Gods, Hathor, Luxor (raises kundalini), Tutankhamen, Papyrus, Lion of Judah, Fountain of Life, Velvet Nights, Moonlight Garden, Henna Flower, Queen of the Nile

Emotions Clearing

12 Ordinary Meridian FA set is the most thorough


Secrets of the Desert, Patchouli, Oasis Sunset (Root chakra), Goddess blend (Root chakra)

Harmony with Others

Prince of Egypt, Golden Flower (Inner Nurturer blend)

Healers —Boost healing power

Realms of Innocence (3rd eye activation), Velvet Nights


Garden of Eden, Blue Skies (Inner Child), Song of the Dove (Inner Babe), Self-compassion, Self-regeneration & Self-rejuvenation blend, Queen of the Nile


Flower of Saffron, Narcissus, Rose, Golden Flower (Inner Nurturer blend)

Joy/Enjoyment of Life

Song of Joy, Arabian Nights, Lily, Golden Flower (Inner Nurturer blend)

Manifestation Power / Power in the Physical

12 Ordinary Meridian FA set, 8 Extraordinary Meridian FA set, Chakra FA set, Song of Joy, Essence of Magic, Arabian Nights, Desert Moon, Secrets of the Desert , Papyrus, Song of the Rose (power of inner space), Oasis Sunset (power in physical life), Prince of Egypt (power of intent),Moonlight Garden (power of intent), Liquid Gem (Inner Warrior blend)

Meditation / Higher Consciousness

Patchouli, Realms of Innocence, Moonlight Garden (and all the High Magic oils for that matter), Henna Flower, Blend of the Gods

Mothering (Healing insufficient mothering)

Rose oil, Magnolia, Coming Home to the Self

Regeneration Oils

Self-regeneration and self-rejuvenation through profound self-acceptance, Garden of Eden

Self-Love / Home for Self / Love of Life

Self-Compassion blend, Golden Flower (Inner Nurturer blend), Coming Home to the Self blend, Rose oil, Oasis Sunset

Shock (Super-charged ‘rescue remedy’)

Flower of Saffron (have on hand as you would arnica or Rescue Remedy)–apply around the spine (both sides), neck area, forehead—2 points above the eyebrows.

Silencing the Mind

Patchouli, Fountain of Life (Inner Sage blend)

Surrendered Trust

Lion of Judah, Song of the High Heart, Liquid Gem (Inner Warrior blend

Transcendence (in the world but not trapped by it)

Seven Veils, Lotus oil (protocol on 13 joints–portals of transcendence)

Trauma Clearing / Return to Oneness

Rose oil, Magnolia, Song of the Dove, Blue Skies (Inner child healing), Flower of Saffron

Well-Being-Feel Good/ Optimism/ Hope Mood Enhancer

Sandalwood, Blue Lagoon, Song of the High Heart, Flower of Saffron, Fuchsia, Jasmine, Neroli, Song of Joy

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