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Healing Offenses to the Body with Fragrance Alchemy

Almine recently posted the following on the Diary  (Offenses against the body)

Your relationship with your environment is very similar to your relationship with your body: It only exists because of the vast presence of your individuation, but it has a self-awareness that is independent of the greater you. When you do things that the body finds non-life-enhancing, it fights back.

Heart attacks and countless other medical emergencies are the ways in which it fights back. 

Offenses against the body that it interprets as an attack from you:

  • Botox treatments
  • Cosmetic or unwarranted surgery
  • Unhealthy diets that specifically contain chemicals or pesticides, etc.
  • Excessive tattoos —especially over meridians
  • Piercings
  • Implants
  • Liposuction
  • Cellular freezing

All these things tell the body that it’s not acceptable the way it is. Under such self-hatred, it withers and becomes unhealthy. 

~ The Seer Almine

The Fragrance Alchemy oils work multi-dimensionally to heal the layers of self-abandonment and abuses. Two oils that come to mind to help clear the sense of offense in the body are

Think of your bodily expression and physiognomy as holding veils that conceal the mystery of your true being. And as you awaken to the true beauty within, the layers of concealment that appear as wrinkles, flows, asymmetry, illness, etc, dissolve, and luminous beauty is revealed.

Interventions to adhere to some external standard of beauty that is dictated by mirrors that reflect opposite, is to make ugly.  When we know our source of regeneration and self-revealing beauty is to be found within, then the focus changes from outer to inner.  The apparent distortions we see are placeholders of where gems of unexpressed tones are to be found.

These FA oils will open you to fluid release of layers of unreal, and will reveal the ageless beauty concealed beneath the old stories of pain.

  • Self-regeneration is applied on the navel area, known as the portal to the soul in Chinese Medicine.
  • Awakening Self-compassion is applied on the Spleen area and spleen meridian points (Sp-6 and Sp-9). Spleen restores the Mothering influence, and opens us to the sweet support of life in acknowledged worthiness.

They are available as a duo kit. Click here to view.

To go deeper into restoring ageless beauty and regeneration to all places where density has accumulated, you are invited to join the Fountain of Plenitude activation programs, that use the Rose Quartz facial and body tools blessed by the Seer Almine.

Here are links to explore a deep dive into the theme of Regeneration that is central to becoming your own source of sustenance, co-creator of your reality, and Fountain of Blessings for all life.

Fountain of Plenitude Phase 1 ~ Clearing the 24 Layers of Distortion from Face and Meridians / Opening the Gates of Limitlessness in the Body

Fountain of Plenitude Phase 2 – Clearing Trauma from the Body and restoring Fluidity and Innocence, Clearing Unworthiness and Claiming the Divine Heritage, Creating new Etheric Templates of our Perfection in Body and Countenance (Face)


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