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The Power of the Moebius in Activating the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

8 Ba MaiThe eight extraordinary meridians are the deep reservoirs of Source, which anchor in the Jing essence that circulates from within the body. Jīng is said to be stored in the kidneys and is the most dense physical matter within the body (while the ‘shen‘ is the most etheric). Jing is said to be the material basis for the physical, and being yīn in nature, it nourishes the body. Jīng is believed to be the carrier of our heritage, genetic makeup, longevity, and hormones. Jing is precious essence that also affects the cells of the body, and replenishes on the activation of the 8 extraordinary meridians.

Almine has said that the 8 cells at the base of the spine are in fact the 8 sub-personalities of the psyche, and there is a one-to-one correspondence between the 8 extraordinary meridians and these eight aspects of the psyche. These 8 cells are called the ‘Immortality Cells’, and they have been programmed by spirit thus far, locking us into destiny stories in the tube toral cage of linear time. As we harmonize the inner family and masculine (vertical axis of form) and feminine (horizontal axis of formlessness) merge, these eight cells alchemically unify as one–we transcend and eventually supersede what was, and then are no longer an effect of life but rather cause.  The illusion of form and formlessness then ceases, and we are free from the movement of the tube toral cage of linear time….free from lack and aging. Space becomes fluid and no longer static, and a life of miracles ensues.  Our hormones change, and are regenerative to body, and generative to all life (pheromones).

Dispelling the Illusions of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Working with the eight extraordinary meridians is critical at this time, and when you do, understand that you are activating the direct flows of Source. In acupuncture, these vessels are treated with due respect, and they are needled very sparingly and given time to work their full power and magic in the body.

In the FA protocol to dispel the eight primary illusions that separate the vertical and horizontal axes, or the one to heal trauma, we use the master and coupled points of the extraordinary meridians.  We generally do the full protocol all at once, but it is also good to choose a single extraordinary meridian to work with for a day or a few days.(If following the cosmic time map, you might focus on the extraordinary meridian associate with the sub-personality of the day, or the one associated with the Field of Perception, for example.)

lemniscate-sacrc3a9A method of doing the protocols that will increase effectiveness is to visualize the moebius in the body after applying each oil. In the case of dispelling the illusions, you can hold intention for all programs associated with a particular illusion, to clear from the body as you intend that indivisibility be restored through the powerful moebius visualization.


  • Apply the FA oil to the master point on one side (typically right side for women and left for men, but that is not agreed upon on TCM teachings), followed by the coupled point on the other side.
  • Image a moebius flow from the master point to the coupled point, moving through the midriff area from front (and between the kidneys at the back), to the other side from coupled point to master.  For example, if applying Arabian Nights to the Ren master point Lu-7 on the right, and the coupled point Ki-6 on the left, then image the moebius starting at Lu-7-Right, through midriff and to to Ki-6-Left, then Ki-6-Right through midriff to Lu-7-Left.  Visualize the flow a few times, as you release programs around the illusion of activity and inactivity. Intend that the Jing circulate…or rather, the new matter (matterless matter). Use breath to support the visualization.
  • As you visualize the moebius a few times, the qi and essence carried by the extra meridian will activate and intelligently work its way in deep pathways in the body. Hold the master point through the process, and breathe
  • Repeat this for each extraordinary meridian that you are activating through with the alchemical oils.

The moebius or lemiscate is known to activate the extraordinary meridians. You can even draw moebiuses in your fields, over your torso, up your spine, etc, and it has a powerful effect (as demonstrated by Donna Eden of Energy Medicine).

2 thoughts on “The Power of the Moebius in Activating the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

  1. Elyse Hope Killoran says:

    Anita – I was compelled to shoot you an email a few moments ago that had a simple statement in the subject line: “I am so blissfully happy. Just wanted you to know.”
    There was no reason/external cause for my feeling. And there was no logical reason why I felt impelled to send that message to you. It was simply an awareness of an unmistakable and powerful feeling and the automatic sense to let you know. I then completed the 8 EM moebius protocol on this page and wrote to tell you how much easier it had become since I did it when you first posted it. This first time (and the first few times) I kept getting confused and the changing direction of the mobiuses. It was a bit frustrating – but I persevered. So today it seemed natural to mention that it was getting MUCH easier to do the 8 EM mobs process…and I saw no connection between those to inspired messages until you wrote back: “Well that is the connection…they are the flows of bliss…oneness is bliss…” Aha!!!!

    1. anita says:

      thanks for posting! They are VERY real….and activating them is a palpable feeling. I sometimes find myself grinning from ear to ear just doing my stuff. And now that inner space is so much more alive (exploration session this Friday with Ciara), their power will be amplified too…as they are the meridians of inner space.

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