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Impact of Clearing the Meridians and Refining the Sub-personalities

People have asked, “Are the meridians and sub-personalities important if we are superseding matter…if things are becoming a unified field?

My short answer is, never have they been more important to refine and master as they are now. We self-govern through mastery of the tools we are given to manifest a self-sovereign reality.

A confirmation comes from the Time Map for 2017 that is completely focused on mastering and refining the sub-personalities. An analogy may help to elucidate.

Orchestra Analogy

Let’s use an orchestra….


If you don’t understand music, you may go to an orchestral concert or not. If you do, you may find it ‘nice’ but not poignant or deeply inspiring…

If you understand music and can pick out the instruments, you’ll appreciate it more..and it will move you more deeply.

If you play an instrument, you’ll find even more to pay attention to and appreciate…it will leave even more of an impression.

If you’ve studied music and have been an avid listener/player, you’ll get so much more from it, and will appreciate the conductor’s interpretation and playing with all the elements.

If you are a conductor in the audience, you will get so much more from listening to another’s interpretation…you’ll hear the mastery; it may ignite you to new levels…raise the bar for you, give you ideas to play with, etc.

ANDRE rieu If you are the conductor, you will experience the creation…you will feel simultaneous power from your expression and from experiencing the music (receiving)…This is magical ignition. Your appreciation of each instrument section, of all the players and their mastery, etc. will ignite each player in the orchestra, as everything thrives under appreciation.

The conductor ignites the musicians, is self-ignited because the music he creates is moving…and ignites those in the audience at various levels of their receptivity…

The Ordinary Meridians as Instruments played by the Infinite

Knowing the distinct ‘song’ of each ordinary meridian is like getting to know the instrument sections in the orchestra. They are the tools we have to create the songs that manifest our lives. They are ‘wombs for the fluid manifestation of Infinite;s Intent’, through our being as unique lens to the Infinite.

Clearing the meridians is like tuning the instruments.

If you don’t know the meridians, you still manifest a life…but you are not really engaged (don’t go to concerts). Moreover, from lack of attention, the meridians remain polluted with debris. If you make some attempts to engage life, you won’t yet get the magic of life…(like casual concert going–you may think it’s ‘nice’…but you lack the ability/awareness to appreciate.)

The more you understand the distinct powers of each meridian, the more you will be able to notice their masterful expression in manifestation…the more you will appreciate the incredible gift of the stage play of life…and the more you will feel what is possible, etc…

You will be moved to inspiration by the masterful creations of others…ignited by recognition (like the conductor in the audience in deep appreciation of his peer’s musical creation).

And you will be moved and ignited by your own masterful creations (those that manifest through you)….so the creation will please and move you, just like the song can move the musician and conductor.

And your aware appreciation of each distinct element causes each to thrive. This works similarly for the sub-personalities and the 8 extraordinary meridians…

We are seeking to become master conductors …so that the Infinite can conduct the orchestra of our lives.

The meridians and sub-personalities are awaiting our discovery and appreciation. Manifestation in the new reality will become effortless through our awe and wonderment at the tools we’ve been given. No longer forced– with fixed outcomes and only thought/emotion to drive it, but now with richly nuanced, layered feeling of the song of what you are manifesting…

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