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Dissolving the Mirrors of the Four Directions Through Releasing Four Primary Fears in the Meridians

The eight extraordinary meridians form the directions that provide the infrastructure of our reality and for the body. These directions that macrocosmially are vast rivers of sub-quantum particles lying throughout the cosmos, 1 microcosmically run throughout the meridian system and body. They correspond to the 8 principles of Divine Compassion of godhood, and to the 8 subpersonalities and directions…Clearing the eight primary illusions from these vast reservoirs enables the 8 EMs to flow unhindered from Source.

They have lain as great cosmic DNA strands at the edge of our cosmos. Almine has seen them as clusters of 12 strands, and each of the 12 strands having clusters of 8 strands, and the 8 themselves having clusters of 12 and so on, to infinity. These have formed the incubation chamber for our development until such time as we have the maturity to leave the egg and step into co-creation. Leaving the egg means that we live the 12 + 8 as a unified field—which means

  1. living the 20 god goddess archetypes
  2. living from a fully harmonious family of inner sub-personalities that operate as a field of expression through emphasis, in dynamic balance and consolidated purpose.

We then sing the song beyond the containment ‘egg’ and attain to the spiritual maturity to co-create with the Infinite.

Body as vehicle of true expression and greater body of the environment become one–a Moebius of indivisibility– through the production of neutrinos and eventually of powerful pheromones of realized integrated oneness. Almine has explained that neutrinos can only be produced when all polarity is stilled within though dynamic balance of the poles. It is then that where the overlap of the spinning pyramids of the Merkaba occurs, there is established the cauldron of a potent Field of Hope. This takes a firm commitment to not play in illusion and drama anymore, and to not engage in cause and effect thinking. (This is discussed as the 3 Decisions, in the Bridge of No Time, by Almine,

From Almine we are told that we manifest in high alchemy with 3 elements

  1. Field of Hope of intent
  2. Our unique perspective
  3. Infinite’s Presence

The proactive state of the Merkaba is outward propulsion of our intent. A dyamo is generated, where the two overlay…and a 2nd energy source is present where intent and senses mingle..this energy sources is a combustion…the result of Infinite’s hand touching inner space that results in the laser show of spiralling color and tone…you then become a cosmic energy generator…and that energy spreads out through your field of hope.

Almine has stated that the Blue Ball of Awareness is a physical location…whereas the Haaraknit is not …The blue ball is like stealth technology. The blue ball can be made smaller of bigger…it is alchemical combustion with Infinite’s Intent, and where the where blue ball is placed, consciousness is raised.

Moving beyond the mirrors is absolute first step to get to the power of all these tools. Nothing really changes while the 12 ordinary meridians are blocked and the mirrors are in place.  Yet when cleared,  the 13th goddess archetype activates and opens the HH as portal to the Infinite Source of our being–it is then that the first 4 of 8 extraordinary meridians activate and we move outside of linear change into exponential time, wherein we impact on life as a standing waveform of potential. With mirrors healed, the building blocks that have split heal, the lost codes are restored to the directions, and the 8 subpersonalities come into full expression. This brings us to the Bridge of No Time.–not a destination, but part of journey to greater still.

Only when we are not fully expressing from a rich and harmonious inner family can others in our reality be disruptive—they fill in the gaps in us with distortion in the mirrors. When we are real, so will others interact with us from what is real—all else can simply be ignored and it will quickly fade out.

Dissolving the mirrors is explored in the Rune Mastery Intensive and the work on the sub-personalities.

1 Belvaspata Volume 1

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