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Healing the Organs and Activating Elements and Senses (The Five Yin Treasures)

Organs of Delight, by Phoebe Surana

Interdimensional Communication, Organs of Delight by Phoebe Surana“The feminine’s suppression from the Fall caused its contribution to be scorned, feelings of inferiority then were formed.”1

In anger and pain, the elements of fire and water in particular, became unbalanced—fire is the element of the heart meridian, and water is the kidneys—the heart became needy and false love resulted, and kidney—ruler of sexual power, expressed in distortion…..False love, nostalgia, and neediness causes cataclysmic suppression of the true feminine; sexual distortion suppresses the magic of the IC’s innocence and is cause of the underworld (subconscious suppression).

The overpolarization of the masculine caused it to become a tyrant, and distortions played out on the stage of life. The metals were stripped from the earth to enslave man, causing fear of lack, as their frequencies bring flourishing. Because the songs of the elements did not fully sing, consequences to all life this did bring, each separation of an inner song to an accompanying illusion does belong. 1 Five are there, that must be dissolved…

  1. Drudgery in work rather than work as joyful expression,
  2. sexuality became hollow as we lost the love affair with self..,
  3. elective valuing made us lose the wonderment and romance with life,
  4. externalized standards of beauty caused us to lose touch with the divinity in all expressions of life, and
  5. truth became a set of rules when in fact it is the clear participation in unfolding life.

When separated from the Song of the Self, the egoic self replaces it with false emotions of fear, pain, anger, protectiveness and guilt. This has been held in the organs, which are containers of illusion that have not yielded their insights over eons of existence.

In truth, organs are not real as they hold the illusory past. They have become tyrants that demand our attention. The resolution is not to scorn or ignore them, but to appreciate what they have enabled—they have given us time, by encapsulating our personal underworld until such time as we would have the evolved awareness to dissolve the shadows of our self-suppression. Through the power of our appreciative beholding and recognition of the perfection, higher faculties of the organs operating as a unified field can then unfold.

The organs must yield their stories and dissolve, in order that the visceral sense of organs—the outer sense of the 6th field of perception– activates to be able to receive the powerful messages from its 96 corresponding inner senses of receptive attunement to Infinite’s Intent.

We are told that life has lagged behind…and change has seemed so slow around us, because the last of the polarities lies inside the body. The organs are feminine, and they emit frequencies. “The songs that you sing with your organs cannot lie. When anger is in liver, its song will be distorted no matter whether you smile.“1

We are further told that the skin that is the edge of form is masculine, and creates a mirror for the organs, They are contained in a dense field and that which they emit is bounced back to them by the skin that holds matrices. Though it may seem unfortunate that this has persisted, the deeper reality is that it has served as incubation chamber for the perfection of the development of form. That the organs have lagged behind. in development… means “a past has been created…like a spiral of time of black light and frequency that lies behind our moment, our organs have existed in the past, including very distant past.” (Art of Dreaming) We are bringing into the now—the moment of our fullness….the knowing from the past, that it may be let go and that the true song be restored, enabling refined perception and purified skin.

The runes of power of the field of goodhood that sing the song of becoming the living paradox, can only truly be embodied, when the organs are singing higher frequencies. When they too become a song, ‘clocks of karma’, that keep on bound to repetitive linear change, dissolve and eventually give way to the full Song of Existence.

As long as organs are not functioning at higher frequency of this moment, they are in the past. Frequency creates form….and so it that that the organs that hold the past have shaped our reality. And so we are looking at the past when we look at the form of our reality. We now create a higher frequency of the organs. As the heart raises its frequency so the organs follow. We must now follow a path with heart—continually expressing appreciation in recognition of the perfection of life unfolding.

The organs associate with elements and pertain to the meridians. They can also be healed with color, sound, fragrance alchemy, and the runes themselves.

When the elements sing their tones, the illusions will dissolve and from the fullness of our song, the poetry of existence will be felt one again—with the feminine aspect restored, timelessness becomes our reality, and the past dissolves.

The elements are powers of the body. With wind, for example, we may empty the clatter of the mind, and with minerals in the body, combined with water, we can clear old emotions through intent. When all elements sing their tones, we live from the fullness within rather than from neediness of without. It is time that we sing the songs of the elements, along with all the tones of the kingdoms of nature, that we may become stewards of the Earth.

Each element feeds the next, and we move on an ever upward spiral of greater fulfillment. From fullness, the heart sings the Song of Self, which further dissolves false emotions and memory imprints, and entrains the organs to sing a song of higher life and fulfill a higher destiny. The Heart’s Field of Hope is also a great power to heal the organs.

Cosmic egg, by Phoebe Surana Cosmic egg, by Phoebe Surana

According to Chinese Medicine, the organs purified hold five yin treasures that combine into a pearl in the life force center behind the navel–a pearl of goodness.

1 Art of Dreaming – Course by Almine,

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