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Deeper Dimensions of Fragrance Alchemy ~ The Alchemy of Pheromones

Deeper Dimensions of Fragrance Alchemy

We may have touched only the tip of the iceberg, regarding the power of Fragrance Alchemy. When Almine stated in a private retreat that perpetual alchemy was the highest alchemy, she was interrupted by an angel god who said, “No, that is wrong….Scent is the highest alchemy.” (June 2014)

The Altantean angels that work in the first DNA Rose have stated that the Scrolls of  the Infinite Mother has three levels of magic, namely, fragrance, sound, and sigils. Through their insights (see Atlantean angel course on, we find that fragrance is the magic of spirit, sound or tone of soul, and sigils is the magic of the body. In combining all three, we master body, soul, and spirit, and eventually a high magic emerges that leverages all three alchemical components into an incorruptible substance, which I believe, are the pheromones.

All-inclusive TLIn clearing the illusions of the false emotions, we dissolve memory and move into Tonal Luminosity (light made audible (tone) and frequency made visible (as color)) that is indivisible–the tool of Oneness that dissolves illusion. This restores the lost songs in the first DNA Rose and restores all life to wholeness through the healing of the soul and awakening its higher codes of expression. Tonal Luminosity is the tool of  the soul restored–the magic of sound that is indivisible perception and tone. (Healing of Mirror of the West–which we are working with in Foundation to the Miraculous Life, Part 2).

The next alchemical element is fragrance, “which is the language that awakens non-cognitive knowingness as a language of communication between soul, spirit, and body“.  (Atlantean Angel #166) Its magic awakens when we have healed the feminine level of spirit (mirror of the East). As we engage the Fragrance Alchemy daily, not only do we receive the direct power and support from angelic beings, but we also refine the power of scent to heal and unify senses and establish harmony between the three tools of expression (body, soul, spirit). Further, we heal the feminine-spirit, the mental body most directly.

The complex interactions of this non-cognitive language is entraining us in the secretion and expression of pheromones of divine intent. Hormones are complex codes that make up the language of the Infinite–they carry Infinite Intent and are the substance of this higher alchemy that combines tone, fragrance, and ‘codes’. When we engage with the Infinite in perpetual alchemy, we become the ‘code carriers’ of hormones and pheromones that are the alchemical leveraged result of all three elements of magic ignited by the ‘twist’ in the Moebius of Self and the Infinite.  A pheromone interacts with the potentials open to us,  impacting the environment as the greater body of Self, in much the same way as hormones impact our bodies–inner and outer are seamlessly synchronized through these higher hormones. The pheromones that we secrete are codes of potential that interact in our environment–in this manner they ‘map out’ our Field of Hope. Through deepening with the magnificent tools given to Almine by the Infinite, we are discovering the majesty of our being unfolding within the breathtaking poetry of the One Life.

As we utilize FA to clear meridians and activate their powers, activate the hidden organs, purify the membranes between the fields of perception, and so on, there will eventually awaken in our bodies the 20-glyph Alphabet of High Magic that is the higher function of the 20 meridians, and the gift to those who achieve integrated oneness.  Twenty is an alchemical number that can be leveraged to infinity. The highest magic of the Mother may well be the alchemy of pheromones, that ignites from the depth of our engagement in inner space, and impacts on all life as we permeate outer reality through our harmlessness, knowing that we are all.

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