essence of magicIn a class of their own, these alchemical oils have profound effects at all levels of consciousness, but they also support accelerated awakening for those who are on the ‘cutting edge’. Each fragrance is unique and these oils feel deeply ‘nourishing’ to the body.

To optimize use of the full kit, it is best to do the full Clearing of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians and to understand the 8 Fields of Existence. (You will find many levels of support with the information and products on this site–the products offered are a good place to start exploring). The High Magic oils support us to engage beyond the ‘mirrors of illusion’ (1) that associate with each field of existence, so that we are able to manifest a life of grace and flourishing.

These most potent FA blends awaken consciousness on all 8 fields of existence. To operate from all 8 fields is to be in wholeness, where nothing is external to you and you are the pivot point of reality. The heightened awareness from wholeness increases our power to manifest our heart’s dreams. These truly remarkable oils open the eigth gates of limitlessness in the body that correspond with the 8 extraordinary meridians–flows of Source.

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1- Oasis Sunset ~ Enhances Life in the Physical (M) (3)
This more masculine scent (though appeals to women too) is alchemically enhanced to support life on the material plane, and to yield experiential wisdom so that we learn from our experiences. It helps to attune to the aliveness of all things, which causes greater enjoyment of life. Supports a love affair with life and with self. Helps balance doing and being, and open ourselves in the physical, to merge with higher awareness.

2- Prince of Egypt (M) (3)
Also a more masculine scent (but nice on women too) has rich and mystical qualities. It enhances perception and helps gain the perspective to see beyond the illusion of permanence and transience–becoming more fluid with life and comfortable with its ever changing nature. Alchemically enhanced to support learning to love without pain, which means loving beyond attachment. Supports harmony in relationship.

Velvet Nights ~ FA Blend for Healers (F) (3)
This enchanting fragrance with its floral overtones supports the emanation of tonal luminosity -–a substance that heals illusion. Helps the healer’s ability to work with the tools of love and light. Heals the illusion of separation by exposing the Oneness of all life that exists beyond the appearances. A wonderful blend for healers, to be a presence that dispels illusion. Can be applied anywhere as it impacts the whole field, but also to be worn around the navel. Also the oil of receptivity to all abundance.

Seven Veils ~ Blend of Self-Empowered Authentic Expression / Closing the Gap of Cause and Effect (F) (3)
The alchemy of this mystical oil from Cairo, is a powerful tool to assist the wearer to gain the necessary awareness to move through illusion of there being an inner and outer reality. With the realization of being the center of one’s reality comes the sense of empowered self-responsibility for the quality of one’s life. We start to engage with courage to authentic expression, knowing that as we are agendaless in life, the gap of cause and effect narrows, and life then responds to our intent. Assists in gaining a sense of self from how we express in life. We gain power of life as we express increasingly from our highest truth.

Moonlight Garden ~ Boost Life Force and Higher Conscioussness / Enhances Power of Intent (F) (3)
The delightful fresh fragrance is alchemically enhanced to boost life-force and provide the energy needed for higher consciousness. Enhancing the power of intent, it gifts vitality to all in its environment. Helps clear emotions and soul karma. Highly recommended as a tool of consciousness. Can be applied anywhere as it impacts the whole field, but also to be warn on the left temple.

Essence of Magic ~ FA Blend for Manifestation and Empowering Affirmations (F) (3)
Elevates vision to see beyond the illusion of time,; helps dissolve the chains that bind from the past. The alchemy is designed to create change in the large picture thereby releasing power to manifest the new. It is a powerful aid for manifestation — especially when used in conjunction with affirmations. Also supports deepening presence in all areas of life through heightened feeling.

Desert Dawn ~ Self-Confidence / Power to Seize the Moment / Embracing Life as an Adventure (F) (3)
This fragrant oil has the unique properties of instilling self-confidence and promoting self-sovereignty. It supports authenticity and enhances the poise of a master. Helps to gain confidence in desirable outcomes from aligned intent, and eliminate the noise of self-doubt. This fragrance can assist in gathering clear answers for our next step.

Starlight on Aswan ~ FA lend for Profound Awakening(F) (3)
This fragrant oil has overtones of citrus and spice. Its alchemy assists with profound awakening (into the Immaculate White Light). Helps to merge individuation and oneness, so that we engage life from the place of essence, where we find the Self in all things. Helps awaken empathy and telepathy.

(1) Each Field of Existence associates with a ‘mirror’ of distortion, that clears when we live a core concept that awakens our consciousness on that field. There are 7 mirrors of illusion, and understanding them is useful to be able to move beyond.