Unparalleled Powers for this Time of Great Destructuring and Infinite New Potential

These potent alchemical tools function at 4 main levels of existence, depending on the wearer’s level of consciousness, as follows:

Level 1 – Physical / Transformational – You are an effect of your past and circumstances in your life. The FA oils clear the belief systems and thought patterns that keep you in painful repetitive cycles. They assist in making it easier to take new action in life. Mind becomes quieter.

Level 2 – Emotional / Transmutational – You are on a healing journey to make peace with your past. You are waking up to the fact that when you change within, life around you changes. The FA oils clear the emotional debris in the organs, cells, and minds spread through the body. They help to transmute the pain into new powers of self-support that get you on new liberating paths in life. Heart opens and there is self-referencing for approval.

Level 3 – Mental / Transfigurational – You have released the obsolete and are now choosing to manifest a higher life. The FA oils create a pristine space where mind and heart are in sync, which can receive a higher order of life. This opens you to synchronicities and ‘miracles’ (higher reality entering into a lower one). Body becomes less dense.

Level 4 – Spiritual / Transcendental – You have become self-sovereign and accountable only to your Greater Self. The FA oils support the dissolution of opposites. Restoration of innocence, full self-assimilation and wholeness, matrices dissolve. They assist in creating the space of oneness, the Heart of Hope, and individuation by your essence. You create new reality around you as you welcome the emergence of greater and greater capacities in you. You are in sync with life as your Greater Self.

Beyond the 4 Levels ~ You are achieving mastery in co-creation. The FA oils are infinite in their power to support the evolutionary cutting edge journey. They become the body’s new nutrients, and make you impervious, increasingly, to interference. Inner reality becomes outer…and you are master of your fate.

Some Facts about the Fragrance Alchemy Oils….

  •  The more you wear the oils, the deeper into the levels of consciousness that they begin to impact.
  • If you have shifted and shed much density, they will even emanate from you to others at times where you are not wearing them.
  • They are powerful frequencies that entrain you to a higher vibratory state, and impact via resonance, on those around you. They are the most powerful oils around, and vibrate well above the rate of other oils. They were tested in a lab in California in 2014,and registered at 16-18 MHZ. Most good oils are around 5-7 MHZ, But the newer oils test between 25 to 40 MHZ (unheard of). But over the years, their power has increased exponentially.
  • Your fields at a higher vibe, begin to automatically complete/support whatever is needed around you. So you will find greater harmony and less strife in your reality….more time to respond and not go into immediate reaction, and so on.
  • The FA oils have powerful angelic beings working in them, which you can call on simply by focusing on the oil’s sigil. Having the sigil is like having a being’s phone number. You call, they come.
  • You do not have to believe in angels to get full healing and awakening effect from the vibrations of the oils.
  • Note, healing is about lifting the veils of illusion…releasing density so that the perfection underneath can be revealed. The FA oils remind you of your oneness with Source. There is nothing to learn, to strive for…but there is much to unlearn to get back to Source.
  • They can be worn under the feet if you prefer to not have their scent noticeable. And if you are in a strict scent-free environment during the day, then apply the oils at night, and hold intent for their functions to clear deeply through the night. You can also carry an oil in the bottle, and look at the sigil and hold the bottle when you need its power to activate.