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Awaken to Self-Love ~ Fragrance Alchemy Protocol

Self-love is only possible in wholeness, as we assimilate parts we’ve lost and left behind in trauma.

These 3 oil blends create a powerful alchemical protocol to support the awakening of self-love in full self-reclamation.

It is said that self-knowledge must precede self-love, and that the only self-knowledge there is, is that we are in infallible part of the One Life. (From the Qi Vesta concepts, by Almine (1))  Only a return to Oneness…in whole beingness is true self-love awakened.  These 3 oils will support this.

Eternal Love was received by Almine to activate the frequencies of Mother’s Love in the body.  Over the solar plexus area, it activates the impersonal, unconditional divine love that moves us to a higher order, benevolent reality of grace.  Under the left rib cage, it heals the wounds and trauma of insufficient mothering.

Awakening Self-Compassion was formulated to support the dissolution of negativity that pollutes and traps the Heart in painful emotions. Through self-compassion, we release the negative emotions of shame, guilt, regret, and so on, that bind us to the past that can only dissolve in the present moment of self-empowerment.

Blue Skies is the priceless blend to heal the Inner Child–gateway to a life of serendipity and miracles. The Inner Child — a much neglected part of our being — is the most powerful aspect of the inner psyche, through which we may manifest all of the heart’s true desires.   Awakened and fully expressive, life moves from drudgery to a life of beauty and wonder.  The Inner Child heals through deepening self-love.

It is recommended that you wear them for a period of time, and work with exercises to awaken self-love, in cooperation with the powerful entrainment field the oils generate.

Purchase all 3 oils and receive a pdf and music elixirs to support a return to self-love. 


(1) The Qi Vesta is a powerful manifestation and activation system to root a person in Oneness consciousness. Visit the Almine store from,  I also offer a  Qi Vesta mentoring program, got to this link on the Adventures in Boundlessness shop.  And a beautiful Qi Vesta App is available on at this link Qi Vesta App


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