Do you need help getting started  with Fragrance Alchemy?

Do you have specific physical or emotional challenges you wish to address?

Do you want to clear and open up the meridian system, in order to manifest much more powerfully?

Do you need help finding which meridians are most blocked?


30/40-Minute Consultations

I am offering short Skype or Zoom sessions where I will help you understand how Fragrance Alchemy can help you, and what I would recommend for your particular situation.  We can look at symptoms, face, and emotions to determine which meridians are most blocked.

The cost is $50 USD, but you will receive 2 coupons for $25 off on two separate FA purchases. So in effect, the session is free when you become an FA aficionado!

Book your session by clicking the product link below. Then send me an email with your particulars, and we will book a session within 5 days of your purchase, or at your best time.  ([email protected])

Fragrance Alchemy is a powerful modality and I’m eager to make your exploration with it as smooth and effective as possible!

Book a session today by clicking here: Book a Consultation with Anita