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Emitting Higher Hormones – The FA Oils of Support

The hormones we secrete determines the reality that manifests through us. Fear and stress hormones only allow for a lower, programmed reality, whereas the higher god hormones opens us to a reality of mastery of the creational codes of the Infinite’s Dream…we are then on an upward spiral of ever more beauty, ever more abundance, and greaterness.

From the messages of the Lemurian Angels, we are told that the lightbearers of the Earth secrete the higher god hormones, but those codes of higher living do not emanate from us if we are caught in distorted emotions. When we go deeply into transmuting negative emotions as they arise (see note below on support programs to achieve this) , the higher god hormones we secrete emanate from our being, attracting a higher vibrational reality around us that is a ‘Field of Hope’.  The deeper we go to extract hidden gems of insight and refinement of attitude, the more potent become our hormones.

Hormones are key in becoming the source of a New Reality, that I’ve listed a few FA alchemy oils that work directly to refine hormones. Many of the FA oils do this. but some more so than others. Below are some FA oils seen through the lens of higher hormones…

While the hormones that we secrete determines the reality that manifests through us, let’s get a bit more precise…

  • Hormones are time codes, if you will, and human hormones bind us to a life and death cycle.
  • Higher hormones cause perpetual regeneration in body and life. They are asynchronous codes that activate us into higher levels of reality.

These oils help, to varying degrees, to no longer produce the lower hormones, as we are assisted into ever higher vibrational orders of life.

Special Offer:

  • If you purchase two or more from the list and write HORMONES in the order notes. you will receive several laminated  Power Sigils to work with, including one to secrete higher hormones and fulfill our mandate to be in wholeness. Purchase three or more, and you will get an audio meditation that leads you through to shifting perspective and attitude on an issue.

FA Oils in Support of Higher Hormones

Blue Lagoon ~ Delightful blending of vanilla flowers, corn flowers and other blossoms brings the lightening of the moods by helping to stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain. The blend instills optimism, hope and lightness of being, while releasing tension caused by old cellular memory. This fragrance inspires the song of the heart. It creates in our inner space, a beautiful space for the Inner Child to permeate the psyche with its timelessness. It is through the Inner Child’s permeation that we are able to dissolve death programs that cannot exist at those deeper brainwave states that is generates. The presence of the Inner Child supports a ‘field of hope. A companion oil is Blue Skies, developed for the Inner Child subpersonality.

Field of Hope – the name says it all. This beautiful blend supports the wearer to perceive from a a heart of Hope. Hope — the 5th ascension attitude that connects us to Source — is a power through which we open doorways to higher possibilities that would not be there otherwise. The oil helps to perceive a higher reality, so that outer effects cannot interfere with our ever-present communication with the Source of our Existence.

Unwavering hope is a tremendous power of manifestation.  Through our hope that attunes to the wonderment, magic, and beauty of life in the moment, we unlock doorways of ‘highest becoming‘.

Spark of Life ~This blend promotes the unstoppable expression of an enthusiastic response to life — an essential quality needed for a heartfelt embracing of our eternal journey. This enthusiastic communion with the aliveness of all things is ignited by the Spark of Life resulting from a momentary glimpse of the Infinite Source whose presence permeates all things.

The pineal is the location where the Spark of Life ignites a wave that travels through every cell in the body — also called The Wave of Divine Recognition. This supports the secretion of higher hormones, known as the god hormones.  And that begins an upward spiral of ever higher reality, because the hormones we secrete determine the reality we perceive, and our enthusiasm causes us to vision anew in glad expectations…refining hormones further…

Innocence ~ Innocent perception is the lens through which all ill-intent is turned to blessings. In innocence, challenges are embraced as portals of initiation, and life conspires to support our glad expectations. With lightness of heart, wellbeing is felt in the whole body, and we have the capacity for greater emotional resilience and purity. All this impacts on our ability to embrace life from ever deepening wholeness, which causes the emanation of higher hormones. Innocence from a place of self-mastery is a power unopposed, as move beyond distorting mirrors of the matrix.

Glad Expectations ~ The Seer has blended this alchemical oil for the purpose of restoring glad expectations and hope. This multi-layered fragrance subtly strengthens the immune system and soothes the nervous system for a masterful journey of poise and grace. The barrage of unpleasant news that assails us daily creates a sense of dread.

This oil supports our imperviousness to the incessant unpleasantness, so we are able to hold open pathways for a higher order reality. In our lives, this translates to higher potentials becoming accessible. We manifest as we perceive, and we perceive according to the song of our Heart. And of course this impacts on our hormonal secretions and emanations into our environment.

Fountain of Youth ~ This powerful alchemical oil’s primary mode of action is to  connect us with the energy source that sustains the universe, which is limitless. When no longer self-depleting through temporary energy sources from a lower reality, we are regenerated in each moment.

But the Fountain of Youth also assists with the regeneration and clearing of the meridians of the body, so that we can flow the power of Source unhindered through our bodies, so it can manifest higher reality around us.

This also clears emotional distortions, enhancing our  ability to be in pure emotions. The effects are far-reaching, and an important one is that we emanate the higher hormones — codes of higher life — into our environment. This helps to reveal what is truly there, beyond the mirrors of illusion.   This impact to our meridians automatically acts as proxy for the meridians of the Earth (because Source works for All), and all life is benefitted.

Flight of the Falcon ~Passionate and deep, this oil awakens the noble and rich qualities of the masculine.

The alluring blend activates the Bahui acupuncture point, “The Meeting of the Hundreds”, to promote effortless knowing through “explorative omniscience”. It is the 9th oil that completes the set for the 8 extraordinary meridians, and assists in delivering their impact in the body. The extraordinaries are masters of the endocrine system, and this oil is perfect to support balanced hormones across all 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut (Body).

Of course the full set of alchemical oils for the Eight Extraordinary meridians is also recommend for balancing/enhancing hormones.

Marriage of Light & Love ~ A unique blend that contains the powerful alchemy of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. This alchemical blend of the three holy ingredients dissolves unreal layers of illusion, and opens our bodies to receive the refined light of our dimensional selves. The body is assisted to become a portal of love that reconciles all polarities, and into it is united refined, living light and frequency. Space and time become the tools in one who integrates these powers deeply.  And this changes the hormonal system to secreting and emitting only the hormones of the gods.

Resources to Transmute Negative Emotions

The Emotional Alchemy Program is  deep dive into understanding the trap of distorted emotions that bind us to false sub-creations, and gives a powerful 4-step process to lead you to transmuting all distortions that close the heart and lead to the 5th steps of cultivating a powerful Field of Hope. Provides a deep dive into the powerful pure emotions through the four main sub-personalities of the psyche (Inner Family). Emotional Alchemy was ‘received’ through the dreamtime as a series of communications (‘downloads’) over the span of 8 months, until it was crystal clear. The program was developed in 2018 as the information came through. It is now a self-study program available on the website. Email if you don’t see it yet and wish to know more about it!

The Map of the Infinite’s Outer and Inner Space – this is in the works and has as prerequisite of having studied Belvaspata levels 1 and 2, as well as the Gemstone Alchemy series.  These are necessary as they leverage the power to interact in the true Dream of the Infinite, in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness, which is ‘mapped’ out by this Map. Understanding the higher function of the 5 elements will also help, as will using the Rose Quartz Veil process.  Through this program, we become masters of time and space…alchemists of timelines as is the destiny of the lightbearers. Prerequisites can be found on the website. Email if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or have questions!




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