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The Miraculous Powers of Flight of the Falcon

The Flight of Falcon blend was the beginning of Almine tapping into a whole new reality beyond what we had known up until then, about the meridian system.

We’ve had many teachings on Praise, Love, Gratitude and Surrendered Trust as the attitudes necessary to lead us out of the dream of separation, but is was not until we actually shifted our center of consciousness into inner space, that the whole landscape changed and revealed far greater dimensionality.  Praise in Head, Love in Heart, and Gratitude in Gut are the attitudes that will yield the gifts of awareness and perspectives that those stages of evolution have produced.   We are to master the power of these 3 centers in order to operate from beyond them–utilizing them as the canvas upon which to dream a new dream beyond the current paradigm.   Surrendered Trust is the 4th point that takes us above the world so that we can rewrite life at a higher order…

And Flight of the Falcon was the formulation that came in to assist us in making the leap to transcendence, through supporting a common language between Head, Heart, and Gut which would end the internal battle and open us to hearing the call to the new.  The alchemical oil helps to bridge outer and inner space…to root in inner while being fully creative in a new outer space.  We are no longer manifesting in the obsolete dream of separation, but rather we are creating a new reality, incidentally…as a side-effect of living fully expressed from our connection to Self within.

Below is an abbreviated list of some of the functions of and how to cooperate with this powerful alchemical oil.

  • Activates the fourth mind: Neuroception — the cellular mind that allows us to access information outside of our conscious awareness. In this particular activation of evolved consciousness, we attune to a higher reality (explained below).
  • Activates a 9th extraordinary meridian, which stimulates stem cells, soothes the nervous system, and activates the vagus nerve that attunes to a benevolent reality. Everyone is looking for ways to soothe the overstimulated nervous system, and this oil blend holds the answer…Through what it activates, we will sense heaven on earth—precursor to bringing it about. The reticular alarm system evolves and serves the higher function of revealing the path of inspired and ever greater excellence.
  • You may cooperate with the higher functions of the oil blend by intending to access the higher order reality. When you apply the oil, state some intention if you wish, based on your life situation. My body knows how to heal itself…My Greater Self  knows how to restore and bring my form and my life to higher perfection. I open to accessing this here and now. All situations are opportunities when I attune to the benevolence of life in non-resistance...etc. I embrace mindlessness, I open my heart through knowing life’s innocence, and relax my gut center and let all illusion be digested to higher substance through non-resistance and following the path of resonance and inspiration.
  • The 9th meridian creates a common language between the 3 realities of Head, Heart, and Gut. As the 3 centers harmonize, internal strife ends and the body is brought into homeostasis. This happens very quickly and it even improves balance in the body as it strengthen the core (Gut).

* Mind becomes stilled, opening life to all possibility…
* Heart feels opens and deep peace is felt—you move into quiet confidence and trust of its impressions as discernment
* Gut relaxes. You become instantly more present in the body, which opens you to greater awareness and power to heal and manifest. No longer resisting life, you participate in its unfoldment and experience being in the flow.

Locations of Application

Two fingers’ width behind the Crown point, or worn anywhere on the body.

Powerful places that impact on the whole body are under the feet and rubbed into the ears.

Ears have 3 levels of impact, matching Head, Heart, and Gut, and so are a particularly good choice for Flight of the Falcon.

Another location is the left Achilles heels. This is a point that support impartiality, neutrality, no positionality. Aligning the 3 centers is the harmonious interaction beyond the polarized reality that separates. Apply a drop and rub the left Achilles heel area, holding intention to become neutral on open to all perspectives.

To purchase the oil, click on this link: Flight of the Falcon

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