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Fragrance Alchemy Protocol To Stop Leaking Creative Power into Illusion ~ Manifesting a Self-Sovereign Reality


As I continually explore the alchemical oils, I seem to go into phases of my new favorite protocol or oil.  The above has been one of them for the last while. I am completely taken by the potency of Flight of the Falcon, as it has  immediate, noticeable effects. A detailed discussion appears in the next blog post, of some of its functions that I know of, and I am sure there is so much more that I don’t know about!

My particular excitement about it is that is aligns the 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut, which means that it supports us vibrationally and alchemically to live from beyond the tyrannies of head, heart, and gut. Instead, we may operate from the place of oneness, where we are the central expressor and cause of our reality…and no longer an effect of a lower collective.  It actually activates higher functions in the nervous system (vagus nerve) such that eventually, we no longer can even attune to the old reality of polarity, struggle, and lack/fear.

This effect is enhanced by doing practices to align the 3 centers–something that I have been teaching since 2012. So you can imagine my delight when Almine received an oil to align the 3 centers, that is actually supporting us to perceive the beginnings of heaven on earth! And it does so by activation a 9th extraordinary meridian, never before embodied until now!   To give you a sense of the magnitude of this, the extra meridians are the “flows of Source”…they are ‘causal flows’….through them we become ’cause’ of our reality. A 9th is the bridge that connects us as (formless) cause and effective co-creator in form, through the ordinary meridians.

You can find some 3-centers alignment audios on the Adventures in Boundlessness webshop.  This alignment is a foundational competency in being able to manifest a self-sovereign reality, as any reality is the result of a ‘triangulation’–3 points to create a ‘space’ of expression. When we align Head, Heart, and Gut,

I have found that wearing Flight of the Falcon stills the mind and causes centering in the core. I have tested a few clients on their core strength–before and after application–and the results confirm immediate impact!

I mention vibrational and alchemical….

Vibrationally we access a reality beyond the lower collective in separation consciousness through the nervous system, reticular alarm system, and glandular system (amygdala in particular) attuning now to a new reality. And this is alchemically enhanced because we do so from three perspectives, namely from the 3 realities of Head, Heart, and Gut. Each of those centers is an information hub for our consciousness experiencing a distinct reality.  In separation, these 3 realities do not communicate and instead attempt to overwhelm and control the others.  In harmony, with a common language, they are mutually enhancing, and able to receive input and live from the Greater Self.

Forever New is another gift from the Infinite, received by Almine, that plugs up a major energy leak that most of us have at the edge of our auric field, level with the navel. A detailed discussion will appear in another blog post, when the rejuvenation product is available!  For this particular protocol, the oil is recommended to be worn daily and nightly.

And the 3rd oil to complete the protocol to stop energy leaks into illusion is Sacred Space. This oil was created specifically to clear and combat the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with from cell towers, cellphones and numerous other sources.  These create openings or holes in our fields, making us vulnerable to all manner of illness, emotional manipulation, and mind control.

So the combination is a powerful one!

  • EMF/ELF/Stress in our fields is such a major problem that I have created a package to EMF-proof your home and protected loved ones. See EMF Protection package.
  • You may purchase the trio at a special price (bout 10% discount), and receive an EMF/ELF power stack to sleep on and a cell phone protection sticker: see  Choosing Self-Sovereignty



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