Holy grail

Fragrance Alchemy Blends for the Inner Family/Inner Psyche

The sub-personalities or Inner Family aspects of the psyche are the original work of Almine. When they become harmonious and operate in consolidated purpose, our power to manifest beyond the law of compensation becomes immense. They are the ‘holy grail’ through which we steer life into a self-sovereign reality of our choosing. The healing of the Inner Family of the psyche is critical at this juncture in evolution.

We explore the Inner Family in several programs and platforms. Visit Adventures in Boundlessness and True Self Alchemy to find out more. True life begins with a fully activated Inner Family.

Some properties of these life-enhancing and deeply healing FA blends are listed below. To purchase, go to the store and find the kit you wish to have!

Blue Skies for the healing of the Inner Child

A fresh fragrance that dissolves old emotional baggage–supporting the restoration of innocence, spontaneity, and enthusiasm for life. Promotes trust in spontaneity, and living in the moment (timelessness). It brings healing to the Inner Child, delivering wholeness to the core of the psyche. The permeating presence of the Inner Child that brings innocent trust in life, is a great power to mobilize the universe to our assistance. Awakens the magic and enjoyment of life.

Golden Flower for the healing of the Inner Nurturer

Like a golden enfolding embrace, this fragrance cocoons us in the power of nurturing from being home for ourselves, within the depth of our vastness. Enhances self-love, and the ability to embrace life as poetry and a romance with the self. When the Inner Nurturer is balanced and whole, a deep contentment and self-fulfilment is felt-—being self-referencing for approval. Rigid roles are released, and we live beyond neediness…in compassionate inclusiveness. This fragrant blend is designed to heal the pain of alienation so often felt by highly evolved beings in material life.

The Fountain of Life for the healing of the Inner Sage

This rich blend stimulates higher hormones that support longevity and potency and promotes a sense of dignity through living from the clarity of evolved awareness. Supports us to hear the inspiration in the moment so that our way becomes self-guided. Heals the Inner Sage (IS), which is the part of the psyche that can attune to the unknown, see behind appearances, and is devoted to highest truth arising in the moment. The blend helps to refine attitude and perspective, so that we can choose the reality to be engaged with. The result of the healed Inner Sage is effortless knowing and graceful unfolding. In the humility of knowing life is unknowable, we become the unfathomable gateway of life ever new, and open to the abundant life.

Liquid Gem for the healing of the Inner Warrior

This powerful formulation brings confidence in self-achievement and self-support, promoting self-sovereignty. From heightened states of consciousness that is promotes, we may know ourselves in indivisible oneness. The blend activates hidden centers of the dream body that enable the masculine aspect of the psyche to live in trust of the feminine and surrender all need to control. Masterful authenticity replaces aggression as the Inner Warrior evolves to a higher level. In the evolved state, the Inner warrior is confident that all that one has need of to meet the moment with excellence is to be discovered within.
The healed Inner Warrior stops opposing life when he realizes that he is the pivot point of his reality. In diligent self-scrutiny to know the origins of his actions,  and by only engaging ‘battles’ that will yield self-knowledge, life continually refines on the grand adventure of discovering boundless resourcefulness within….

Song of the Dove for the healing of the Inner Babe

This delicate blend opens you to the depth of sensual experience and refined enjoyment. It supports you to ground into the body in order to presence life with full activated sensory capacity. Creates a sense of safe expression and the safety to feel life deeply through empathic connection. Through the Inner Babe’s power of omnisensory feeling, we dwell in communion with the Infinite Source of our Existence. In this space, resources are automatically pooled from Source in support of the true dreams of the heart.

The healed Inner Babe brings online the power of omnisensory feeling from the full 672 inner senses.

Dance in the Moonlight for the healing of the Wild Woman

This warm and complex blend of the “Moon” brings a sense of peace and contentment to depth within. Supports intuition as well as the higher function of the organs as their stories of separation dissolve. Grounding to support deeper presence in the body and safe feminine expression, this blend ignites the feminine mystery, awakens the intuitive capacities, and enhances communication with the hidden realms.

The activated and expressive Wild Woman ensures that all matrices are gracefully dissolved as they are uncovered. She brings new vitality through her willingness to live at the edge of the unknowable. Pleasing herself first is a natural impulse, as she knows herself to be All That Is. She is the gateway of all-sufficiency, and support to the Inner Nurturer who becomes a fountain of lavish blessings from the deep peace of a compassionate heart.

Distant Horizons for the healing of the Inner Adventurer

This fresh and uplifting formulation creates a mood of optimism and helps to overcome past limitation and embrace life with confident hope that we will have the resourcefulness to meet the moment with courage.  Promotes the graceful unfoldment of the surrendered life. The healed Inner Adventurer brings the capacity to actualize the potential power from the endlessness of our DNA. It is a part of us that bring potency, courage and vitalizes us through our bold and self-confident actions.

The Elixir of the Golden Light for the healing of the High Mind

This mood enhancing blend promotes grace, self-sovereignty, and the poise of emotional equanimity.  With a quiet confidence in the feminine and the inner peace of the ‘eye of the storm’, the powerful formulation supports a deep sense of self-worth. The field of golden light is enhanced by cultivating glad expectations from fixing eyes firmly on the ‘wonderful becoming’ from arising potential–seeing beyond the chaos of destructuring. As we perceive, so it is.

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