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Academy of Fragrance Alchemy

Scent is a most powerful sense organ that is capable of evoking whole-being feeling states from subconscious depth–it is the only sense that has not fallen into forgetfulness…into the dream of separation.

And so it is through scent that we can be reminded of our Oneness and the time where we were one with the Source of our Existence. It is a most powerful modality to entrain us gracefully to remember our origins so that we find our way to a higher order of life.

Fragrance Alchemy oils are specifically formulated to carry the frequencies of these higher vibratory states. Most of the oils come from the town of Luxor, Egypt, where scent has been used for higher consciousness for many thousands of years. The secret formulas of these exceptional fragrance oils have been passed on from generation to generation with the utmost meticulousness.

Almine–the greatest Seer and Mystic of our time–has hand-picked the oils for their pure essence, based on the frequencies or ‘tones’ that they carry. They are then infused with alchemical powers that work in specific ways with the meridian system, chakras, and other body systems.

These fragrance essences are in a class of their own, and as a modality for healing and higher consciousness, Fragrance Alchemy is unparalleled–it has the power to gracefully shed eons of programs, limiting beliefs, and overall density in the body so that it can evolve beyond our current reality.

The oils operate at many levels of depth, and their effects will depend on the consciousness of the wearer.

  • At one level they clear mental confusion,
  • at another they clear emotional distortion,
  • and at deeper levels they harmonize body, soul, and spirit to enable a person to dwell in stillness and depth within.

They create an entrainment field that fills out the tones missing from our expression, so that our reality is a ‘step ahead’ of our expression, which supports us on a path of graceful awakening. And the more that is shed, the more resources are unleashed to serve our body evolution. The Fragrance Alchemy oils have infinite depth and potency to support us to ‘come home’ to Source.

You are invited to explore the alchemical properties of these fragrance oils, and start to live beyond emotionality and burden of past, and anchor firmly in the power of perpetual regeneration.

Experience the vitalizing power of these rare fragrances that can shed age-old debris and density from the body, and support a wondrous life of freedom beyond programs of aging and decay.

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