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Scent is a most powerful sense organ that is capable of evoking whole-being feeling states from subconscious depth–it is the only sense that has not fallen into forgetfulness…into the dream of separation.

And so it is through scent that we can be reminded of our Oneness…of the time when we were one with the Source of our Existence. Not only can scent remind us of our oneness, but there are many other profound qualities that we experienced in this ‘heavenly’ state of oneness, such as innocence, self-reverence, profound contentment, and so on.

Scent has been revealed to be the most powerful alchemy there is ~
What this means is that beyond any other type of healing, the power of frequencies delivered through scent is greatest. But not all essential oils are made equal. In lab tests backed by Dr. John Young, considered a serious scientist and spiritual thinker who has been in active pursuit of health through exploring the links between body, mind, heart and soul, the Fragrance Alchemy oils were found to measure at 16+ MHZ, compared to top ones in use for healing, which measured in at 5-7 MHZ. The higher frequency of these oils is due to several factors.

Most of the oils used in the Fragrance Alchemy blends come from the town of Luxor, Egypt, where scent has been used for higher consciousness for many thousands of years. The secret formulas of these exceptional fragrance oils have been passed on from generation to generation with the utmost meticulousness. These oils are produced by a family-run business, where the implements used at every stage of the processes of extraction are blessed–and only clay tools are used, for example, as metal is considered to alter the oil’s properties. Their methods ensure that the etheric forces of the plants are preserved and frequencies undisturbed.

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The FA oils are specifically formulated to be able to carry the high vibratory states so that they can act as carriers for the various qualities or states of being needed for remembered wholeness. Almine–the greatest seer and mystic of our time–has hand-picked the oils for their pure essence, based on the frequencies or ‘tones’ that they carry. I have witnessed the fascinating beginnings of a new fragrance, Song of the High Heart.

In a retreat in 2014, Almine was told by an angel that we would need a fragrance oil to open up the portal of the High Heart. She could smell the fragrance with inner senses, felt the tones/frequencies within it, and then worked to figure out what she was smelling. In this case, she identified it as Champaca–a rare, precious oil made from the Magnolia tree. She then spent the next few months in search of the most perfect Champaca absolute that held all the tones of the initial scent received by the angelic being.

At other times, she has received blends from the source in Luxor and can smell what their frequencies/tones evoke, and identify what alchemical powers they can hold. For the Rose oil blend that heals birth trauma, for example, she had an Egyptian Rose absolute, but there were missing tones. She then knew to look for a Bulgarian Rose oil to fill out what was missing. The result is the FA Rose oil that holds the perfect frequency of Oneness.

alchem vesselOnce a fragrance oil is deemed to have all the necessary frequencies or tones, they are infused with alchemical powers through the invocation of an angel that will be tasked with clearing the distortions in the way of our embodiment of these pure frequencies of higher awareness. sigils sampleA ‘sigil’ is created for each oil, to preserve its power and have it augmented in step with new evolutionary potentials as they open up on earth. Sigils are gateways to angelic powers.

What an oil is infused with depends on the specific goals of an FA blend–some are created for the meridian system, some for the chakras, other body systems, the etheric/emotional level, or have other specific healing goals. Each blend has many properties, even though a main one may be highlighted.

These fragrance essences are in a class of their own, and as a modality for healing and for higher consciousness, Fragrance Alchemy is unparalleled–it has the power to gracefully shed eons of programs, limiting beliefs, and overall density in the body so that the body can evolve beyond homo sapien.

A Doctor of Chinese Medicine who uses Fragrance Alchemy in her treatments uses a tree analogy with her clients to explain how the FA oils work. The branches are the symptoms that a client presents with, like swelling, a burn, a rash, etc. and traditional essential oils are used on the branches to provide relief. The roots of the tree are where the causes, such as emotions, negative beliefs and stuck patterns, are located, and that is where the FA oils work their magic. This is not to say that FA oils do not produce immediate relief, because when the causative factors are addressed, many surprising things can happen. FA practitioners can share many miraculous stories!

The meridian sets clear illusion and stuck emotions, and are designed to eventually shift a person into a whole new reality. They work at levels of effect, as we are receptive to them–so while Fragrance Alchemy works for all levels of consciousness, for someone in early stages of awakening, the meridian oils will clear emotional debris, while for one who has awakened beyond separation, they will activate the meridian system to far greater manifestation power.

photo 7 oilsYou are invited to explore the alchemical powers of these oils, and start to live beyond emotionality and burden of past, activate hidden faculties in the body, and anchor firmly in the power of perpetual regeneration.

Experience the vitalizing power of these rare fragrances that can shed age-old debris and density from the body, and support a wondrous life of freedom beyond programs of aging and decay.

A good place to start your exploration is to look at the Properties of the FA Oils page, and/or to invest in one of the kits that most intrigues you.

There are so many healing and activating protocols to explore with the many kits; I do hope that you take your time to explore!

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