About Anita…

anita photo 01I have been working as a healer since 2000 and teacher since 2005. Deeply steeped in the esoteric, I have been called a mystic and metaphysician. My ceaseless drive has been to uncover the essential truth in things–what is everpresent and eternal, and to evolve the body beyond the current mortal paradigm of a life that is essentially programmed.

I have ‘known’ for many years that the hormones of stress and fear have trapped us in a fake reality–not at all what is possible were we to produce ‘higher hormones’ from living higher principles. My quest for these higher hormones of a ‘dignified existence’ (as I referred to it), started around 2004, and by 2006 I was teaching a class on the higher principles of the endocrine system.

Many seemingly disparate life pursuits–from studies in mathematics to acupuncture–, appear to have prepared me for these times. When I met Almine in 2013, I recognized that within her vast body of work lay the tools and answers that I had been searching for. Studying her material was like putting together a giant puzzle, where the pieces opened up to new dimensions. This quest has been unrelenting, and I am very happy to say that I have found the ‘holy grail’ in Almine’s work. It is me devotion now to convey this holy grail and create a pathway to liberation to a new reality of self-sovereignty and freedom from programming.

I have created and delivered many healing programs online to groups from 2008-to present time, and developed a wide range of healing products from these and other exploratoin.  I am continually inspired to create more, as areas of beckoning mystery are never-ending on the cutting edge of what is possible in consciousness.

In 2013 I became the Canadian distributor for Almine’s Fragrance Alchemy (FA)–a modality to heal and evolve the body to a state of perpetual regeneration. Through the power of scent and alchemy, Fragrance Alchemy works with all body system, but particularly brilliantly with the meridians and chakras.  The Academy of Fragrance Alchemy came about, to share information about the profound healing power of FA.

I have a renewed joy in offering private sessions that plunge deep into the psyche and cut through age-old illusions. These are sessions to reclaim lost parts and gifts, and catalyze higher consciousness. Sessions are standalone and clients receive audios/video meditations to work with to deepen integration.

I also offer on-going training in Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery, as the Runes are an incredible guidance system that evolves the body’s meridians and chakras, and leads to emobodying amazing powers to operate from wholeness…from awareness on all Fields of Existence (for which the chakras act as lenses).

In the course of this journey at the cutting edge, I have met incredible colleagues and partnered with several to create offerings in various areas of awakening.

Presently I am focused on developing materials for Rune mastery to support all levels of engagement, and in the area of body regeneration.  Wonderful partnerships are forming– my products are being translated in Dutch at present, in collaboration with a group of Almine’s students in Europe, and another colleague will be offering a 6-month study program of the foundational studies to being liberated from a programmed existence. You can read about what colleagues are offering under that menu heading.  There are many ways to engage this work–from light to intense.

Rune Offerings:
I was initiated by Almine into Rune mastery and as placeholder of the Runes for Canada, in September 2014. I since co-created the Rune Mastery Environment (RME) (with Dave Reedijk), a sophisticated and comprehensive website environment to access Rune spreads and deepen integration easily. I have been training people in Rune Mastery and Grand Mastery since 2015, and training is now done on the RME platform.

Private Sessions
For private sessions, go to the Inner Mastery Tools site, at this link Private Sessions with Anita

Programs and Offerings
To learn about programs offered, visit my current offerings: InnerMasteryTools.com, AdventuresinBoundlessness.com, WholeBeingflourishing.com, TreuSelfAlchemy, and The Rune Mastery Environment (RME).