fa_realms_of_innocenceThese oils were added in the course of 2014 to now, in response to what is needed as support for our evolutionary time. Some of these alchemical blends help us make the leap to the cutting edge of what is possible at present. No matter where you are in your awakening, however, these blends activate the wearer in the most graceful manner, supporting the next step on their evolutionary path.

These may be purchased singly, or in the various FA kits.

Signature Oils and Newer Blends

Almine's Secret Garden (F)
secret garden • Price from: US$27 - US$185to product
This delicately balanced alchemical floral blend is uplifting with fragrant promises of wondrous miracles and magic. This intoxicating and unforgettable fragrance lingers like an unspoken message of enticing moments to come. The blend enhances omni-sensory experience. Perfect to awaken the ability to feel from inner space and trust in effortless knowing. May be worn anywhere on the body, on temples, back of neck, ears, and under feet.
Awakening Self-Compassion (A)
the oil of self-compassion • Price from: US$22 - US$99saleadd to cartto product
Self-compassion oil is a most potent blend to help reunite suppressed or lost parts of self. It helps establish a harmonious inner state of being wherein all internal battles cease, and we feel a deep peace with ourself and with life no matter how it presents. When the inner wars stop, all of our resources are redirected to moving forward in life, and we enter into a state of regeneration.

Self-compassion heals the parts of the inner psyche (also referred to as the “Inner Family”) so that they operate as a harmonious, unified field of higher awareness. This dissolves opposition in life and causes it to be harmonious to our intent. In self-compassion, we open to receiving the bountiful support life wishes to give us. Activates the 8th chakra of self-regard and self-honouring. Brings imperturbability and emotional equanimity,and increases our alignment to manifest a life of our dreams. Evolves the Heart chakra.

Coming Home to the Self (F)
coming home to the self ~ fa oil • Price from: US$22 - US$149add to cartto product
A formulation of great subtleties, the blend has alchemical properties supporting depth of living, being home for the self, promoting a sense of comfort and contentment, being enfolded in grace, the ability to maintain form through hope rather than tension, and a return to Source. Overall, the theme it supports is the Coming home to the Self.

Only in being home for ourselves can we manifest a real environment as our expression, and truly experience receiving and giving as indivisible: the self giving to the self. In coming home to self from depth of living, the Inner Family of he psyche heals and harmonizes. This oil may be worn anywhere on the body, but a suggested application is to rub into wrists and ankles, to change the frequency of the organs and clear imbalance of pro-activity over receptivity.

Garden of Eden ~ Oil of Timelessness (F)
garden of eden • Price from: US$25 - US$170to product
Restores innocence to all levels of life. The blend’s frequency helps restore the innocence of timelessness to the body and its fields. Assists a move out of linear time and into the timeless eternal moment. While this fragrance may appeal most to women, it is beneficial to all, and optimally applied to the solar plexus. (See also Self-regeneration and Self-Rejuvenation blend)
Lion of Judah ~ Oil of Surrender (M)
lion of judah fa oil • Price from: US$25 - US$170to product
fa_lionofjudahHelps align individual will with Divine Will. Ideally applied 2 ins below the belly button (sacral chakra). When this field is not functioning from its highest evolved state, there is tendency to control and manipulate from the will of the egoic self . This brings opposition instead of graceful unfoldment of the surrendered life. Surrender is active rather than passive, and requires showing up in life with courage to release control.
Realms of Innocence (A)
realms of innocence fa oil • Price from: US$20 - US$139to product
A complex formulation that enhances capacity of extrasensory perception to enable self guidance. Facilitates the opening of a gateway between the physical and the magical realms, known as the Realms of Innocence. While its magical properties are released when worn anywhere on the body, optimal placement is on the 3rd eye. It helps to open the powers of the 6th chakra, where we operate in the world but are not trapped by it.
Self-regeneration and self-rejuvenation through profound self-acceptance (A)
self-regeneration & self-rejuvenation • Price from: US$22 - US$89add to cartto product
This alchemical blend works at all levels, and will bring blessings of grace for regeneration, rejuvenation and assimilating parts of self we have rejected. It can support a new relationship to your body that is self-loving, it facilitates graceful change in life and is a good blend when life is in flux and we need support to shed old programs. Can even be applied on scar tissue to stimulate energy flow. This is an oil for our time, where we shed the ravages of linear time from the body, and open to a new reality of timelessness and change that defies reason.
Song of the High Heart (A)
song of the high heart oil • Price from: US$27 - US$105to product
SongofHHThis oil is a must at this present time. It activates the 672nd acupuncture point, causing an alchemical process that elevates the function of all the body’s meridians. Uses the powerful and rare champaca oil that powerfully cleanses of old programs and opens us to the ever new—-clears stagnation and depression. This oil activates the High Heart point—the 672nd acupuncture terminal (thymus gland area) that merges inner and outer space and refines hormonal secretions to close the gap of cause and effect. Supports us to manifest a self-sovereign ‘real’ environment free of the influence of the collective. Song of the High Heart helps us leave the old collective reality behind and helps us awaken the divine feminine—restoring her full glory. The feminine has profound non-cognitive, whole-sense/whole-body knowing that far exceeds rational thought. This unique and potent blend helps with symptoms experienced from changing realities during massive evolutionary shifts that are happening presently. It is the most important oil of our time for those awakening. Used in the kit to activate the 3 resurrection points.
Song of Joy (F)
song of joy fa oil and protocols • Price from: US$29 - US$139to product
Joy is the power to mobilize the universe and open up new potentials that would not otherwise be available. Song of Joy is a most potent blend that supports maintaining one’s own sacred space. Through the power of joy is the the Heart’s field of hope strengthened, and the extraordinary meridians cleansed. Through the joy of the glad Heart, we sing the Song of the Self, and illusion falls away. Worn over the heart, it enhances harmony and well-being in body. Worn on the extraordinary meridian points, it helps their activation and flow of all support for the manifestation of the heart’s dreams.
Song of the Rose (F)
Specifically blended to enhance the newly activated 2nd DNA Rose, this fragrance awakens the inner senses, increasing the depth of enjoyment of our experiences and our ability to manifest, as inner space has 9/10th of the power that has largely been utapped until now. As inner space (feminine) comes online and merges with outer, we enter into perpetual alchemy with the Source of our Existence. The DNA Rose of inner space activates the feminine capacities of effortless knowing, effortless unfolding of solutions, and flowing the resources needed to manifest the true inspired dreams of the heart. May be applied to feet, and also worn anywhere on the body. Used in the trio kit for DNA activation.

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