Releasing Higher Powers of Consciousness in the 12 Ordinary Meridians (Part 1)

Why are the ordinary meridians so important? Because they flow our life energy–chi, prana, subtle and not so subtle energies that are power for life…because they are they are the ‘space’ where our dreams incubate before they take form. Nothing can manifest in your life that is not activated in the meridian system. The ordinary meridians operate on many levels of our subtle anatomy. The Chinese masters knew this, and their foundational work as set the stage for a next leap in evolution in these energetic pathways. We now stand at the cusp of a new reality, and through the meridians we can make the leap into a life beyond the law of compensation. I call the new law, the Law of Perpetual Generativity (LPG).

Impact on Consciousness of Blocked Versus Good Flow in the Each of the 12 Meridians

Below is a brief run through the blocked meridians versus the meridians that flows well, and their impact to our consciousness and our lives. We will leave the physical level out for now, as we are focused on the emotional/mental level, which are the biggest contributors to flow in the ordinary meridian system and health of the body’s main organs.

If you recognize patterns in yourself from the list, the associated Fragrance Alchemy oil would be a good one to use for awhile. Using the full 12-FA-oil kit is always best, as the whole meridian system is then evolved to its next level of expression. Beyond the positives listed below, is a greater level still, wherein the meridians function to manifest Divine Intent and our power for life knows no bounds. Porperties for associated FA oils for each of the 12 OMs are listed on the product page for the 12 meridians.

Lu flow
A blocked Lung (Lu) meridian suppresses expression, whereas healthy energy flow through the Lu meridian brings inspiration and inspired authentic expression. Authenticity unlocks your path of destiny. How might grief over past loss, intolerance, frustration, or old bitterness be hindering your unbridled expression… preventing you from deeply breathing in the inspiration that is yours to run with?
(FA oil: Neroli)

LI flow
A blocked Large Intestine(LI) meridian causes us to hang on to things past their time of usefulness, and to lament the past–wishing we could change it. But the past is changed in the present moment well lived, which brings empowerment to embrace the new. Healthy flow in the LI meridian makes us receptive to the new, and able to purify body and life through transmuting density. How have guilt, past disappointment, and remorse kept you stuck in the past? Can you feel stagnancy and opposition to change? Life wishes you to receive lavishly so you can express powerfully in life, but that can only happen when you become a conduit for ever newness…let go of old programs and paradigms. (FA oil: Jasmine)

St flow
A blocked Stomach meridian (St) makes us timid to be ourselves–we try to fit in and be what others expect of us. Often holding shame and then blame, we get stuck in who we are not. Good flow in the St meridian promotes self-determination, exploration of our uniqueness, and empowerment through inner alignment. Powerful St flow brings clarity to our thinking and the ability to conceive new ideas. Poor digestion and brain fog go hand in hand. How might you be living by others beliefs and values? How much are you controlled by what others think of you? Unique perspective is the gift of a strong St meridian. (FA oil: Sandalwood)

Sp flow
A blocked Spleen meridian (Sp) wreaks havoc in the body. It causes us to live in anxiety and worry, at the mercy of mood swings that seem beyond our control. Flowing well, the Sp meridians opens us to the sweetness of life, to stable growth, feeling supported, and the ability to be spontaneous and renewed in each moment. Spleen brings the ‘mothering influence’, and when we are open to life’s support, we live in glad expectations of all good things. (FA oil: Goddess Blend)

Ht flow
A blocked Heart meridian is a most undesirable thing, because the Heart is the ‘Ruler’ of the body–so a blocked Heart meridian affects our state of being most profoundly. We then have joylessness and lose hope; we become emotionally needy and helpless. Power through the Ht meridian brings harmony and balance, we are home for ourselves, joyful/playful, while also appropriate and in emotional freedom and equanimity. How powerfully do you live with hope as a cultivated attitude? The Heart’s hope determines how life shows up for us. (FA oil: Rose)

SI flow
A blocked Small Intestine meridian (SI) causes overwhelm and sadness–we feel insecure and we may shut down. When the energy is free-flowing we become ‘magical–living life by resonance and serendipity! We are self-assured, open to abundant resources, and follow a path of measured expansion, where we are continually supported and supplied with what we have need of. (FA oil: Lotus)

UB flow
A blocked Urinary Bladder meridian (UB) makes for a shallow and unsatisfying life. We may feel impatient with the timing of things, restless, and unfulfilled. If this is the case, we need to pay attention, because UB impacts on all internal organs and all parts of the psyche. When UB energy flows well we operate from a deeper quality of living–rooted in the eternal self, we manifest what is real and has meaning for our soul, we are in harmony and comfortable with the journey through life. UB in full power youthens the body and opens us to interdimensional presence. Life then surprises us! (FA oil: Flower of Saffron)

Ki flow
Blockage in the Kidney meridian (Ki) can also have serious effects, as the Ki meridian holds our manifestation potency (sexual power). When blocked we can be paralyzed in fear and indecision, whereas when expressive we are cause for the stable destructuring of what no longer serves. We are capable of laying our stake in the ground and claiming our life as our own to shape and our destiny as ours to fulfill. With weak kidney power we are ineffectual, whereas when strong we live in the fearless courage of self-examination and become resilient and unmoved by what happens around us. A strong Ki meridian promotes powerful creativity for life. (FA oil: Narcissus)

Per flow
The Pericardium is called the “Heart’s Protector”–when blocked, it isolates the Heart and keeps people out; in the extreme it creates an impenetrable shield to avoid hurt. What past trauma are you protecting yourself against? How are you self-abandoning? Weak Pericardium invites all manner of addictions. When energy flows well, the Pericardium (also known as Circulation-Sex meridian as it connects sexuality with the Heart’s love) beings flexibility, fluid perspective that does not take things as personal injury, but rather as challenges to show up for life in new ways. We then feel powerful in choosing our reality and experiences, and soon find we are free of illusion and deeply connected to the Source of our Existence. (FA oil: Henna Flower)

TH Flow
A blocked Thyroid meridian (TH) causes us to experience meaninglessness and emptiness of life–we feel what’s the point, and can have suicidal thoughts in the extreme. Blocked TH meridian is stuck in ruts and habits that steal our vitality and trap our awareness. When in the flow, TH causes us to transcend habits and move into new territory–opening gracefully to the new and evolving our power and awareness for life. The TH meridian sets the pace of our evolution, and when blocked we are locked into a devolutionary cycle. TH in full healthy flow brings unwavering hope, a feeling that we do indeed impact our reality through creative contribution; we are open to the new, and have the courage to show up in new ways beyond the old fight/flight/freeze responses. Good flow in the TH meridian brings grace and effortless resolutions to challenges. We become unstoppable. (FA oil: Blend of the Gods)

GB Flow
Blocked Gall Bladder meridian (GB) can lead one to be in self-importance, or to swing from rage to feeling impotent in life. GB power serves to carry out the plan that will manifest our vision–when blocked we lose that ability and find our efforts only lead to frustrating dead ends. In full power, GB energy clears the way so nothing is an obstacle; we experience momentum and grow in self-belief. GB power imparts freedom to be, invincibility, and opens us to miracles through surrendered trust, where we cooperate with the moving forces of life rather than try to do things our way. (FA oil: Patchouli)

Liv Flow
A blocked Liver meridian (Liv) will make itself known by anger and feeling bogged down by limitations from the past. Liver meridian’s power is as the visionary that sees potentials on the moving horizon. It is the architect of our life, and brings the ability to follow inner impulse and dream of grand adventures. It embraces new beginnings and brings the courage and willingness to create a magical life beyond mortal boundaries. (FA oil: Gardenia)

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