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Meridians – Tools to Build a Glorious Life

The meridians in distorted emotions have kept us bound to the mirrors. In the mirrors, the energy source has been polarity–the bouncing between the poles that is a type of friction that produces energy. The problem is that it takes more energy input into polarity than is yielded from it. It has been like being in a pinball machine…the ball bounces off the walls in unpredictable ways.  The way that we have made life a bit more comfortable has been through perception, but it has been perception that overcomes opposition. So opposition has been the main way we have evolved. This is no longer the reality.

The energy source beyond opposition is one where we are boundaryless because we have no assumptions, expectations, or belief systems. Belief systems are the obstacles in the pinball machine…the walls of the matrices. Beyond polarity and walls to bounce from, are fluid boundaries that expand as we do. It is gentle rather than jarring, supportive and encouraging rather than oppositional, open doorways as invitations rather than the hard knocks of forced change.

In polarity and opposition, we have interacted with the environment as our suppression–it reflected what we not. And so things felt hostile and not trustworthy. We tried to eke out a place for ourselves that was safe, but life will cause any walls of protection to fall down eventually.

Beyond polarity, our environment becomes our expression–a reflection of what we are.  And so there are two types of mirrors. When life is our expression, it is experienced as a benevolent playground, where we get to explore anything we desire. And our playground can expand as we feel inspired.

The blocked meridians that are polluted by negative emotions produce the opposition mirrors around us. When purified, we can then embark on a new phase of life as our expression. And the higher tones of the meridians are the attitudes and perspectives to cultivate in order for life ever new to flow through us and reveal a magical playground beyond whatever we could have imagined.  It is through this expansive journey that we will ‘fill the big shoes’ of who we truly are: sleeping giants, co-creators with the One Life of worlds yet unseen.

The 12 ordinary meridians may be likened to the orchestra supporting your most beautiful tonal creations from the Song of Self.  Another analogy is they are the ‘tools’ for you to build  a most beautiful life. When you know the powers you have within, you are empowered to create beyond what you could if you did not have that support.  But also, they are the gifts from the Infinite–all that you need to express a life of glory. And that is why they are worth every effort exploring and activating.

I invite you to take deep dive into the meridians as powers for the fluid manifestation of your heart’s inspired dreams. They are the potent tools of the five elements which lead us into a life of perpetual generativity, as we deepen our relationship with the One Life.

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Note on Fragrance Alchemy Oils for the Meridians

Did you know that the seer Almine has been upgrading the oils from the Field of the One? Many of the meridian oils have been alchemized anew, and operate much more deeply. The beauty is that if you have the former oils, they will receive the new blessings. That said, the new ones are beautiful to experience too!

To explore the oils for the ordinary meridians, visit the product page, 12 OM FA Oils

Learn about the 3 levels of power of the FA oils in the meridians here: Three Levels of Potency of the Meridian Oils


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