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Spirit Points of the Kidney Channel

There are points along the Kidney channel known as powerful ‘spirit points’. These are mostly on the chest, just below the collarbone. K-27 is a commonly used tapping point for ‘psychological reversal’. Their meaning and function are given below.

These points may be tapped quickly upward from K22 to K27. Tapping these points will help to revitalize your spirits and can be used when feeling lost or depleted. (Repeat along the K-points 3 times).

An alternative is to select a point, and to hold on it, bilaterally (they are powerful, and focusing on just one at a time may be enough).

narcissus sigilApply Narcissus oil (read about its properties, below) to one or several points, then tap or hold. Tune in and feel deeply.

  • K-20: “Through the Valley” to move out of fear or feeling trapped into a sense of your vastness, opening to new possibility
  • K-21: “Dark Gate” to move from darkness and negativity into clarity and hope that sees behind appearances
  • K 22: “Walking on the Veranda” from lack of a sense of protection toward feeling safe to walk confidently in life
  • K 23: “Spirit Seal” from lack of connection with self, toward re-connection and sense of being in ‘high spirits’
  • K 24: “Spirit Burial Ground” from depression and depletion, to feeling uplifted and hopeful
  • K 25: “Spirit Storehouse” for spiritual nourishment
  • K 26: “Amidst Elegance” brings a sense of beauty, grace, poise of mastery, and self-respect
  • K 27: “Storehouse” moving from a sense of depletion toward invigoration and new vitality in recognition of all-sufficiency

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Narcissus Oil for the Kidney Meridian

In TCM, the kidney is regarded as the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy. The kidney organ system also includes the adrenal glands, and the ‘external kidneys’ (testicles in men  and ovaries in woman).  So the kidney channel/organ system controls sexual and reproductive functions and provides the body’s prime source of sexual vitality, which is an indicator of health and immunity in TCM. The alchemical blend of Narcissus oil awakens the intuitive nature of the feminine reproductive system, enabling potent manifestation as well as communication with the hidden realms. Esoterically, males have a feminine reproductive system on the subtle etheric level, and women have a masculine one on the etheric. The potential to live in androgyny, from a balanced and merged masculine and feminine is present for both genders, and this is achieved, manifestation is instantaneous as the gap between masculine proactivity and feminine receptivity closes.


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