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Dissolving the Mirrors of the Four Directions

Wheel 21 beyond opposites
Below is an extract from material on dissolving the mirrors of the four directions, a set of videos and processes (with Fragrance Alchemy) to activate higher principles to dissolve the distortions of the four primary directions. The directions are upheld in our body through the 8 extraordinary meridians, and in clearing the akashic bands that pertain to life in the lower four bodies and the in the 12 ordinary meridians, we eventually dissolve the mirrors and support the clearing of the illusions (of the 8 extraordinaries) that act as the gatekeepers of the matrix.
Dissolving the Mirrors of the Four Directions will be one of the products launched during the fundraiser event coming up in June–a benefit in appreciative recognition of Almine, and to help launch a new initiative and platform to bring out her work in a manner that generates ongoing flow to her, and optimizes our ability to leverage outcomes from the many incredible tools that we have been given.

Meridians and the Mirrors they Formed

The eight extraordinary meridians form the directions that provide the infrastructure for our reality and body. These directions that macrocosmially are vast rivers of sub-quantum particles lying throughout the cosmos, microcosmically run throughout the meridian system and body. Clearing the eight primary illusions from these vast reservoirs enables these to flow unhindered from Source. Restoring the four directions beyond the primary fears that created mirrors of illusion, results in the ability of the eight extraordinary meridians to respond to Infinite Intent in the ever new moment unfolding, from the fluid reference point of delight. The 12 ordinary meridians may then organize life according to these fluid and refined parameters of higher reality that come from the eight extraordinaries.

The four directions are the 4 bands of compassion that represent the 4 directions or 4 stages of life—each associates with a building block of life. In effect, they are four massive dimensions, each with 3 layers, making twelve layers.

The 12 ordinary meridians associate with the four bodies of man that represent these stages of evolution. There are three meridians for each of the physical, soul, lower spirit (mental), and higher spirit bodies. These four bodies represent the direction of South, West, East, and North, respectively…

Extract from the discourses for Rune Mastery, in The Bridge of No Time, by Almine.

How can these mirrors come to exists? Of what do they consist?” ~ “The mirrors are what you yourself have made; from belief systems formed, tyrants they became.

”Why did we do this?” the monk asked in shame. “It brings me sadness that we are to blame. ~ “All is in perfection. Release the pain. From the fear of your vastness were they made. An incubation chamber they became. They provided your opposition so that strength you may gain.”

Without our bodies, what remains?” ~ “Your luminous and incorruptible form, when the dust of the ages is wiped away.”

Main Emotional Bands, Ascension Attitudes, and Perspectives of the Meridian Pairs:

  • anger – gratitude – Liv/GB – decisiveness / planning – Inspired
  • fear – love – Kid/UB – determination and will / ancestral essence or vital life force – Poetic
  • pain – praise – lung/LI – sustainability/creates order – Eternal
  • guilt – trust – St/Spleen – nourishing / Harmonizing –Adventure
  • hopelessness – appreciation – Heart/SI/TW/Per – exuberance-exhilaration / ruling sovereign – God perspective

And these correspond to the first 5 rows of the DNA Rose. As we practice these perspectives, we claim the infinite power from the coding in the Rose.

  • The Perspective of Self as the Core of Inspiration (physical)
  • The Poetic Perspective of Life as Art (soul)
  • The Eternal Perspective – Seeing the Details within the Large Picture (lower spirit)
  • The Adventurous Perspective (higher spirit)
  • The God Perspective – Knowing Oneself to be the Origin of all that happens in one’s environment

Ascension Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful to know the depth of incorruptibility within me, which enables me to see the value in all life.

Ascension Attitude of Love

Knowing life as a benevolent force of love, I meet the moment with power and grace—all opposition dissolves and makes way for fluid poetic interpretation.

Ascension Attitude of Praise

I cultivate continual praise for the wisdom that imbues all life—even the darkness glows when I remember perfection.

Ascension Attitude of Trust

I know my innocence and embrace life with the trusting openness of the child eager for a grand adventure.

Ascension Attitude of Appreciation

In appreciative awareness of the unfathomable depth and power of being, I take responsibility for the quality of my emanations in the world

1st 5 parts of DNA or PM

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