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The Power of Harmlessness through the Spinal Affirmations, to Plug up Leakage of Precious Resources

If you feel deeply into the spinal affirmations, and understand that they are keys to unlocking the treasures of magic in the body of man, you will soon realize that to live them makes us intensely harmless, and responsible to all life. Each affirmation, when fully lived, opens a gate of magic that enables excellence of living such that cosmic wealth and power flows through our lives—truly they are the foundation, or backbone/infrastructure that will enable us to evolve as sacred Temples for Infinite’s Expression.

The hidden Kingdoms have been entrusted with the magic of man, until such time as we are harmless and ‘safe’ to wield the powers. All rests on our ability to be harmless. So what is harmlessness?

At the shamanic retreat (Sept 2014), an angel god spoke for some time on the meridians and their importance to moving beyond time and space, and he (masculine angel god) said “Innocence is not harmlessness”…the gist of what was expressed is that lived wisdom that comes from knowingness, coupled with innocence results in harmlessness, which then becomes a very powerful force of mastery over the tools of manifestation.

blue ball merkabaWhat is knowingness? It is the essence extracted multi-dimensionally from experience, that has dissolved the memory (memory is frequency encased in misperception, causing the illusion of past and linear time). The Blue Ball in the navel center out of which we create our Field of Hope, is concentrated knowingness that pertains to the eternal self.

Essentially, as the spine clears of programs, the nervous system becomes a field, and the 24 gates open through living the principles of the affirmations–we become responsible and awake also in the dream state (dream body is our emotional or desire body). This sets the foundation for lived harmlessness that flows through the 12 ordinary meridians. Spinal gates and clearing of the 12 meridians go together.

In Foundation-2, we explored the deeper connections and how the 8 EMs and 12 OMs are central to an activated Field of Hope, and opening the body as Vessel for high alchemy. So key is harmlessness, because beyond the tones of harmlessness, the 12 meridians then sing the Tones of Fluid Manifestation, and become the ‘womb’ of Infinite Intent. That is when we begin to flow the pheromones of divine manifestation through the portals of the 672 acupuncture points of the body.

From a FB post of Almine’s from 2012:
Spine pageHow do the Affirmations of the Spine work? By internalizing them right at the time of sleeping and of awakening, you are working at the bridge between the realms of soul (the dreamtime) and body (the awake time).

Spiritual people have long tried to clear their daily lives from illusions, however fail to recognize that the dreamtime too, is their responsibility. The dreamtime or soul worlds are just as real as the physical reality, in that they both are part of the larger Dream that we call Duality. However, we take responsibility for one (the physical) but not for the other (the dreamtime). Thus all the hard self examination you do in the daytime can be undone by your perceptions and actions in the dreamtime.

My note: responsibility for the dreamtime is the first stage of resurrection.

The Affirmations of the Spine carry the perception and purity of vision of your whole being through from the physical to the dreamtime. There they clear debris and old belief systems that are held within physicality in the spinal cord. With it you take responsibility of your whole reality, both the awake time, and the dreamtime.”

You can find them in the Book of Spells and in Secrets of Dragon Magic.

The power of harmlessness is also that it awakens empathic capacities. And this has as side effect, increased ability to sense and interpret the stirrings of the inner senses, as well as to articulate the inner stirrings into impulses of manifestation that emphasize chambers in the interpretive centers of the DNA Roses.

As you work the spinal affirmations daily, there will also be a softening of the nervous system messages, and greater ability to convey messages between inner and outer space. Inner space is unhurried and comes as gentle promptings.

Another major effect of working the spinal affirmations is that the opening of the 3 gates of the spine, which go hand in hand with dissolving illusions of the 8 extraordinary meridians. Unless these 3 gates are opened, we can ‘clear and clear’ all we want, but we are really only sweeping dirt around in a prison cell. And though the cell may get larger and we may not see the dirt we’ve moved to another corner, it is there still for us to run into as we go around in circles.  Yet when these gates are activated, as we clear the old programs, they become the compost to (self-)fertilize the dreams of the heart, and we move more and more into a state of great fertility. This is the power of the 8 extraordinary meridians, which become fully activated at the level of Rune Grand Mastery.

In Steadfastness and Encouragement to Unshakable Well-being ~

Eyes Raised in Praise, no matter what!

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