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The Protocols to Clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians and 8 Extraordinary Meridians/Radiant Circuits ~ Part 1

FA logo 2I have set out to ‘prove’ FA this year, working with methods of energy testing, so that Fragrance Alchemy can be introduced to those practicing Energy Medicine (Donna Eden), acupressure (EFT, TAT, etc), and acupuncture. As I have been doing this, I realize the next step is simply to create video and demonstrate effectiveness, as the FA oils cause instant balance in the meridians in most situations. (Though I have not tested on very difficult clients…but that will come when the oils are used by practitioners).

Below is a quick description of the two main protocols for the ordinary and extraordinary meridians. If you practice energy medicine, EFT or other forms of meridian-point acupressure, or acupuncture, you may want to explore the basic 12 FA oil kit for starters.

I am developing training programs for them as well, so please contact me if you wish to be kept informed.

1- Protocol to clear the 12 Ordinary Meridians with 12 alchemical oils

IMG_0016 12 FA oils on sheetThere are 4 main emotions that show up for a person when a level of reality is in distortion (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). These oils work on all 4 levels, to clear the stuck emotions that cause reactivity.  They are applied on specific acupuncture points. When 12 OMs are clear, the 8 extraordinary meridians, or radiant circuits as referred to in Energy Medicine, can begin to flow.

The 12 OMs operate at the level of ‘form’…life in outer expression…what we manifest. The blockages in the 12 OMs manifest as limitation in life and density in body.  Esoterically, the 12 OMs become the ‘wombs’ of manifestation of a ‘higher life’, rather than rivers of polluted emotion that keep us going around and around in repetitive patterns under the law of compensation. When they are clear, life ever new flows through, and we are in ever increasing states of regeneration.

This is the first level of clearing.  They can be easily tested, as they bring quick balance to a meridian simply by applying the oil on the acupuncture point. When all 12 oils are worn, there is alchemical leveraging, and the meridian system becomes sustained in balance for longer.

They have no limit to their power, so once meridians are cleared, the oils work to evolve the body in various ways. Each of the 12 OMs has very refined qualities that when expressed, result in graceful manifestation. They can be viewed as the body’s ‘tools’ to direct manifestation and cooperate with unfolding life.

2- Protocol to clear the 8 Extraordinary Meridians with 8 alchemical oils applied to the Master/Coupled points

Em on catalyst 2 smallThere are 8 main ‘illusions of separation’ that keep the 8 EMs (or radiant circuits RC)–flows of Source (reality of oneness)–inactive or not properly flowing. They associate with 8 primary fears and 8 ways in which the body stores memory (cellular memory, in optic nerves, in psoas muscle, etc). Memory prevents us from being spontaneous in the moment…innocent…fully in the moment– present moment ‘presence’ is  what allows us to operate from the 8 EMs/RCs. The art of happiness, song of joy and hope in heart, etc, are ways to activate the EMs/RCs (as Donna Eden also teaches).

Donna teaches figure 8s, I call them the moebius of indivisibility.  The 8 EMs/RCs operate from another reality (dimension if you will–the reality of formlessness…potential, unknown), and the 12 OMs on the reality of form, realization of potential/manifestation, where unknown becomes known through experience. The 8 EMs are the vessels of our being in oneness, and the 12 OMs are the meridians or our individuated expression. Unless the 8 EMs/RCs are flowing and working within the 12 OMs, then life is like being in a fishbowl in the ocean, rather than in the ocean itself…and experience is simply repetition… nothing new can come in.

When 8 EMs and 12 OMs are operating at their higher function, then we dwell in both realities of formlessnes and form…we become co-creator of our ‘slice’ of Infinite Existence.

The 8 EMs/RCs each pertain to a level of life–there are 8 segments of life that the cosmos pulses through, and that we live in, in individuated form. There are many ‘powers’ and qualities to work with, and doing so activates each the EMs/RCs as well. This is essentially what my work is about. The cognitive grasping of how to live higher perspective, which activates the 8 + 12 meridians, in order to live and manifest beyond limitation. The 8 EMs have 8 points of limitlessness in the body, which activate once the 8 illusions are cleared….

So protocol #2 with 8 specific oils applied to the master/coupled points clears the illusions. They can be applied to the master/coupled points of the EM, and held (or not even, that is how powerful the oils are)…but I like to hold. In my acupuncture training, I have learned to needle the master/coupled points then to only work with points along that EM/RC in a session. This resembles the anchor/wander technique that Donna Eden teaches.

Stay tuned for more part 2, describing other main FA oils sets….

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