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Three Levels of Potency of the Meridian Alchemy Oils

The FA meridian oils operate at several levels of power, with the ultimate aim to support us to full expression of our Song of Self. Our unique perspective is a song that is an evolutionary catalyst to all life. Tone shapes life, and what we emanate as tones through the emotional body determines what we may manifest in life.

In particular, the meridian oils fill out the missing tones that have been stifled by  negative emotion from past stories. Whatever we have suppressed in our expression creates a vacuum, and as life will not abide this, that vacancy fills with distortion.  Inharmonious tones in the emotional body creates distortion in our life.

For example suppressed grief and sense of unresolved loss will create a gap into which distortions, such as, having negative expectations of future loss, disconnection and lack of passion about anything because it can be taken away, clingy behaviors, mistrust of life, victimization, and so on, can set in. These distortions are made up of mis-perception, or ‘missed perception’–perspectives that were not available to us at the time of the traumatic event.   Yet there is only the present moment of power, and the present well lived rewrites past, when we get the higher insight, the trapped emotions can start to dissolve.

And not only can the present moment rewrite the past, but future, as potential, is enfolded in the past–all accessible only in the present moment of power.

When negative emotions are dissolved through clearing and higher expression, the Song of Self fills out and so does life. Below are the 3 levels of power of the Fragrance Alchemy meridian oils:

  1. First level of power: FA oils clear obsolete perspective and promotes higher perception.

  2. Second level of power: FA oils clear distorted frequencies and awaken ones that have been dormant

  3. Third level of power: FA oils fill out tones missing to promote higher perception and refined frequency. Our environment then is a step ahead of us–entraining us to fill out our expression. We then experience graceful transition to a higher reality.

Not only do refined perceptions cause the release of blockages, but also cultivating higher emotional states in response to being emotionally triggered. There is a very simple perspective shift that opens up old emotional blockages, as portals to new states of being. I will leave that for another blog post. That pertains to #2 mode of action of the FA oils. This is explored extensively in the Adventures in Boundlessness platform that I invite you to explore!

And #3 is a most exciting new alchemical potency of the oils.  We are learning to create ‘mini spaces’ of frequency to live in during the day, and the oils play a big part in that!

Note: In the example above…

  • You would use Neroli oil on the Lung meridian, as Lung stores grief.  Neroli helps to release grief and intolerance, frustration, and bitterness over the past, delivering comfort and optimism. Rather than lamenting loss of what was, we open to what is arising in the moment. Neroli supports us to feel the inspiration of newness arising…

Each oil has specific support and activation properties, which you can read about the the oil properties description. (Look at Modality Information on the Home page)

The oils are a tremendous resources at this time, as we are gathering the power to leave the old Dream of separation, and establish in a whole new platform of life, where we grow through self-inspiration and no longer through opposition.


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