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Spotlight on LI-20 “Welcome Fragrance” ~ From the 12-Ordinary Meridian Protocol

Yingxiang – Welcome Fragrance, is a point in the protocol to clear the 12 ordinary meridians, that uses Jasmine oil. It is the exit point of the Large Intestine meridian, that flows into the Stomach meridian’s entry point, Receiving Tears (tear duct points).

Almine received information from the hidden kingdoms on the tear ducts (from Interstellar Mysticism, no longer available–information reprinted below):

Your eyes must awaken. In the tear duct of the eye is a treasure. The tear duct will allow you to see exactly, through the emphasis of your environment, what your next step is. Up to this point it has been opposition and adversity that has steered you in the right direction. No longer will this be needed once the tear duct is activated… it will guide you through emphasis rather than adversity… It will also provide for you the ability to have each eye be a field of vision that blends as one with the other eye’s field of vision, that you may see all things at all times from all perspectives.” Refer also to the eye exercise on the Almine Diary, as contained in this exercise is the mystery of white and black light, and creating a virtual reality from integrated oneness whereby both are fused into pure, incorruptible light.

According to what is known as six channel theory, these two meridians are viewed as one channel, and the free flow from LI-20 to St-1 is very important. LI-20 is a major treatment point in TCM for treating all issues with the sense of smell and the nose, as well as for facial paralysis, and other conditions of the face. But the deeper workings of the connection between Welcome Fragrance flowing into Receiving Tears, suggests that through heightened ability to smell, we evolve the faculties to see our next step clearly on the path of graceful unfolding. As the matrices dissolve, and feminine (vastness) and masculine (contracted focus) merge,the senses form a unified field and are mutually enhancing.

LI 20Acupressure on LI 20

Apply Jasmine oil bilaterally to the point (just a tiny bit, as Jasmine oil can irritate sensitive skin).

Press towards the sides of the nose. Pressing the points and stretching them away from each other to open the nostrils. Breathe deeply. You may also follow with the eye exercise, which I highly recommend as daily practice.

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