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Activating the 15-pointed star of the Heart ~ Precursor to Opening the High Heart


The Heart, which is the Supreme Controller of the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), activates and refines through divine compassion that supports true intimacy with life.

It is supported by three close ‘officials’ in order to reach the refined state of living from the Throne of self-sovereignty, in the deep peace of self-fulfilment. The three officials are:

  1. The Small Intestine meridian (discerns pure from impure),
  2. The Pericardium meridian (Heart Protector),
  3. The Thyroid or Triple Heater meridian (ensures balance and harmony through the ‘inner kingdom’)

Small Intestine  refines through clarity of discernment. Pericardium refines through knowing all life to be benevolent through one’s own harmlessness (and so loses protectiveness), and Thyroid through fluidity and the power of hope.

When all officials support the Heart to take up the Throne of self-sovereignty, and the heart loves without pain and attachment, the matrices and membranes of the body clear, and the body becomes a unified field. It is then that we are ready for the next step of creating in harmlessness and becoming responsible to all life. This causes the High Heart (8th chakra) to open, and our body and the greater body of our environment blend as one—inner and outer become a Moebius circuit through which we flourish in cooperative oneness.

When the HH begins to Play by PhoebeWhen the High Heart Begins to Play, by Phoebe Surana

The opening of the High Heart is simultaneous to activation of the deeper (i.e. beyond the Du and Ren) extraordinary meridians–the imponderable, miraculous, mysterious vessels of cause. These then become reservoirs of Source that are able to fertilize the dreams of the heart’s Field of Hope through the Tones of Fertility that they sing.

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Suggested Fragrance Alchemy protocol, in working with the Principles of Divine Compassion given by Almine

(See the 8 principles of Divine Compassion of oneness, and the 15 Principles of Divine Compassion of integrated oneness, from IAM Presence. Working with these activates a 15-pointed star in the heart, which creates a state of cooperative oneness with masculine and feminine aspects of being.)

  • Lotus oil on SI-3 ~ 1st official
  • Henna Flower on Per-6 ~ 2nd official
  • Blend of the Gods on TH-5 ~ 3rd official
  • Rose and Henna oils on the Heart (for the Heart center, given in Toronto retreat 2014)
  • Blend of  the Gods and Flower of Saffron on the head (given in Toronto retreat 2014)
  • Song of the High Heart on the 672nd acupuncture point

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