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Toward a Unified Meridian System

Over the course of steeping in all of Almine’s teachings, and developing comprehensive programs from being able to ‘draw the lines through many dots’, it became clear all that was needed to ‘pull together’ in order to fully clear the meridian system, which is the system through which inner and outer realities merge as one, as an embodied reality. Meridian clearing is a absolute necessity in order that the body evolve to its higher function as vessel for high alchemy and magic.

Through the 12 ordinary meridians we operate as individuation from the 7 chakras—able to live in the known and to some extent the unknown. So long as these are separate from the 8 extraordinary meridians, however, we are in distortions of separation, in linear time, static space, and false emotions. In this state, the 2nd DNA Rose is not activated and inner space remains inaccessible.

With the 8 extraordinary meridians that are cleared of illusion, we start the journey to oneness, awakening the black blood cell and the 8th chakra (High Heart). In deepened surrendered trust, mindlessness, and through living the principles of Divine Compassion that awaken a higher power in the heart (15-pointed star), the 2nd DNA Rose comes online, inner space and inner senses activate, and we evolve higher powers of the High Heart and latent faculties in the body continue to unfold.

The 8 Tones of Fertility further activate the 8 extraordinary meridians, and enable them to become fluid reality shapers and the reservoirs of Source. Their power to fertilize the dreams of the heart, through the activated Field of Hope, is then boundless. The 12 meridians purify the experience of outer, spatial awareness, while the 8 meridians purify inner space. (Almine)

The 12 ordinary meridians organize life according to the fluid parameters given by the 8 extraordinaries, just as the 1st DNA Rose manifests life according the the articulated impulse of Infinte Intent tjat flow to it from the 2nd DNA Rose. In this way, we see how the 1st DNA Rose corresponds to the 12 ordinary meridians, while the 8 extraordinaries are mapped out in the 2nd DNA Rose.

All that so transpires, directly impacts on the power and higher expression of the 12 + 8—the 20 unified meridian system. We are then able to live in both worlds, becoming the Bridge of No Time that can live from vastness as well as from contraction.

As the full ‘treasures’ of the body come online through continued deepening in the ability to master both worlds, we close the gap of cause and effect and know our indivisibility from the One Life, know the Self as all, and know all-sufficiency. We then become the Bridge of No Space, and inevitably, highest potentials manifest through our being.

UF of 20 equationFrom Magic of the Gods 3, by Almine (LLC Spritiual Journeys)

At this stage, the meridians system is at highest expression, with the 12 ordinary meridians singing the Tones of Fluid Manifestation, the 8 extraordinary meridians singing the song of unbounded fertility, and the alchemy of the 20 unlocking the tones of the Holy Alphabet of High Magic. Song is a clock (see verse, below), and through our song we then map out new potentials for creation and all seven fields of perception.

What is this song? It is the song of our activated bodies that carry the Song of the Heart, broadcast through our Field of Hope.

Stay tuned for the many new products to clear and activate the 12, the 8, and the full 20 as a unified field. The full 12 meridian video set to clear and activate the meridians–through the qualities of the hidden planets and the Tones of Purity and Tones of Clarity– will be available for purchase very soon.  Until the product is out, you may preorder and receive 20% off, by sending me an email with the title “Song is a Clock”. In the meantime, explore the products that are ready at this link. The Song of Joy package is a wonderful one for those who have worked with clearing the 8 extraordinary meridians, and the price is unbeatable.

Secrets of Music ~ Secret 1 (from Aurubafina and the Book of Spells 1

Of the Bird Clock by Phoebe with Song of Joy (1)No clocks there are no time nor space,
but frequency changes mark the pace
Every hour it changes. Twelve time this is so
It then repeats; and like before it goes
For music you play or the songs that you sing
To enhance your life and joy to bring
Trace the songs of birds all day long
How each hour they change the tones of their song
Then emulate them and the change that occurs
The right music at the right time emotions will stir
Sound is a clock, frequency is time
Learn this secret and power is thine

1 Almine,

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