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Full Expression on all 8 Fields ~ Manifesting the Real from the Integrated Inner Family

Our Hormones Determine Reality or Illusion

What inherently is different about a higher hormone compared to a lower hormone? Let me just define terms here. I use ‘higher hormone’ to refer to hormones that do not bind us to illusion and density; these are produced as a leveraged result of alchemy with the Infinite Source of our existence. A lower hormone is produced chemically rather than alchemically. When producing lower hormones, the body follows the cycles of maturation and aging until there is death. With higher hormones, we become our own timekeepers, and hormones are released according to us meeting ‘conditions’ as states of awareness or states of being. So we become the key that unlocks new potentials that cause the self-renewing forces of life to flow through (life ever new)…We no longer operate within the confines of linear time, but rather in exponential time as a standing waveform in motionless motion.

What that looks like is the future rushing to us from all directions, in attunement to our evolving consciousness, rather than us chasing after a single thread and cutting off all support through our blinders of thinking we make life happen. In exponential time, hormones (alchemical codes) exude from us and mobilize all support to us; in the case of linear time, we try to get things and our hormones bind us to a lower, static reality wherein all that we manifest is already in a level of decay.

sacred glands headThe hormones we secrete determine our reality. When they do not bind, we move to ever more refined realities, revealing ‘heaven on earth’. As we manifest a real environment in this manner, we become a shelter from illusion and mind control to others who may not yet be able to manifest the real–this provides an entrainment field for a higher reality on earth. This is the task of the Rune Masters. Each endocrine gland has associated insights that, when lived, refine the hormones secreted. The full expression of the 8 sub-personalities collectively holds the insights for higher hormones (also reflected in the full expression of the god/goddess archetypes). (The 8 sub-personalities is the original work of Almine, I have found many system recognize the 4 of the vertical axis (by other names), but are missing the 4 of the horizontal, which really is the ‘game-changer’).

The 8 Extraordinary Meridians ~ Masters of the Endocrine System

nothern_lightsThe 8 extraordinary meridians (EMs) are known as the Miraculous Flows in Chinese Medicine. They have been the timekeepers in the body, and the masters of the endocrine. At a meeting with Almine in March 2016, as I shared the direct connection between the 8 EMs and the 8 sub-personalities, an angel god came forth with an analogy for us on how they related–the angel god said it was like the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are a phenomenon of the sun plasma and earth particles entering into an alchemical reaction, whereby the earth particles are elevated by the intensity of the sun plasma. They ebb and flow, creating a show of light and tone.

The Harmonious Inner Family of Sub-personalities Enable Cooperation with these Mighty Flows of Sources

The 8 sub-personalities seem to act as the receptors and expressors, if you will, to the power of Source that moves within the 8 EMs. Through their harmonious interaction, we are able to cooperate with the mighty forces of creation that are these Miraculous Flows of Source (8 EMs). In ACM (Ancient Chinese Medicine) these 8 flows of Source each have a distinct movement through which all things were created in the cosmos. Clear correspondences between these movements and the sub-personalities can be made. (This is largely my original work–making these connections from the vast body of ACM on the meridians.)

Through unrelenting exploration of the 8 EMs and sub-personalities, and soaking into the formidable body of Almine’s work, connections between every piece of alchemy have become clear as the unifying element of the sub-personalities in harmonious interaction adds the extra dimension where all clearly becomes a fluid field of integrated oneness.

The regions of the brain map to the regions of the heart, and these capture the sub-personalities. When in full harmonious interaction in support of full expression, the brain maps the whole body, and all frozen parts of the body become unstuck and able to merge with the lost parts of soul. Whole body awareness is the permeating presence of the magical Inner Child. Whole body awareness means whole-brain thinking, and all head glands operate at their higher functions whereby genius expresses. As the three Dantien centers of head, heart, and gut (spirit, soul, body) become aligned and able to intercommunicate, the observer self that is capable of potent participation from highest awareness arises (4th field).

Almine shared at that same meeting, that the 8 sub-personalities were in fact the 8 cells at the base of the spine. We know that when they integrate as one, what we have known as ‘spirit’ is no more–it becomes integrated within the fluid expression of masculine and feminine. We have then transcended or internalized space,and life fluidly responds to our intent. (Bridge of No Space)

Might the 8th library of Runes not yet be accessible to us because we are not living the harmonious interaction of the inner family and still seeking for answers outside the self? So long as we are seeking outside the self, we are not a perpetual generator of life, but are a force of depletion to it. Whereas all-knowing, all sufficiency, all power, and all resourcefulness are the gifts of Source to us, when in deep surrendered trust we root in the sub-personalities of the horizontal axis.

There is much to integrate in order to evolve this rich inner infrastructure of the sub-personalities that make up the internal geometry through which we ‘conjure’ our reality. Every tool of white magic has as core the 8 sub-personalities reflected. If you are seeking a deeper understanding and support to activate and evolve the fully expressive and harmonious inner family, you may join a program starting next week (Aug 22nd): True Self Alchemy ~ Embodied Harmonics.

For those engaging the tools of Incorruptible White Magic, your ability to wield their power will be far greater from the dynamic balance of the sub-personalities. In fact, it is not possible to manifest an abundant extraordinary life without this foundation in place!

This ground-breaking exploration is laying the foundation for magic in manifestation from fully presencing your body, heart and brain, so that you become master of your reality and destiny. And how this happens is first through the ignition of the 4 sub-personalities of the vertical axis, followed by their rooting deep within the horizontal. We close the gap of linear time…close down the loop of time….and manifest a reality of grace.

Stay tuned for the FA Kit of 8 new blends for the 8 sub-personalities. Coming out very soon!!

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