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Correspondence of Extraordinary Meridians to Subpersonalities

The directions are the great bands of building blocks, also described by Almine as the great ‘Bands of Compassion’, out of which the cosmic incubation chamber formed. The directions are captured in the subpersonalities, and it is our goal to master the building blocks so that we may transcend them and make them our tools of expression.

LSP Sub personalities 2The subpersonalities of the directions of North, West, East, and South represent the vertical axis of embodiment, which pertains to humanity. The horizontal axis of the directions of above, below, in front, and behind pertains to godhood. “Their (Original Ones) memories are held in the alternate reality –a horizontal cosmic wheel—where they dwell as well.” Becoming embodied simultaneously on the the horizontal and vertical axes is the goal of god beings. (From Braamish Ananu, Belvaspata Volume 1, by Almine,

The Sub-Personalities of Higher Consciousness, from The Lemurian Science of Peace, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

Almine teaches that pristine man’s is the most complete template that contains all the codes of the cosmos, and the vertical cosmic wheel is where form began. It is the goal of the Original Ones to perfect the template of man within them. In the process, a language will be created that can be understood by both realities, so that the original ones can merge the two realities and heal their own schism of separation. (From Braamish Ananu) Braamish Ananu is the BVP that supports this goal, and it means “Divine Androgynous Gods”. When all directions/subpersonalities are brought into balance, we will be in divine androgyny, dwelling beyond the matrix of time/space.

The pathways in our body that correspond to the directions/subpersonalties are the 8 extraordinary meridians. The 8 extraordinaries are the channels and reservoirs of heavenly or Source essence, and these exist only in rudimentary form in most of humanity. They are activated channels in rune mastery (first two or three) and grand mastery (all eight), and their activation is necessary in order for the Embodiment of the Infinite to take its place in the center of the inner family…in the center of the tube torus. This begins when the first 12 god and goddess archetypes unite, becoming one in androgyny—it is then that…

Wheel of BruaretThe portal of the 13th goddess opens and all life goes free
As the Illusion falls away into duality
Then all shall flourish in the Being of the One
And a glorious reality to all life shall come

Transmission from Bru-aret ~ From Transmissions from the Hidden Planets, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

(Wheel of Bruaret, by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

After months of pondering, the deeper connections with the 8 extraordinary meridians are being revealed, and I am developing processes to activate these deep channels of cause. The study of the 8 extraordinary meridians is one I’ve been immersed in since my training in acupuncture in 2005, and my focus has been on the secretion of higher hormones. Since studying Almine’s material on the Runes, the Magical Bird Clock, perpetual alchemy and finding the correspondence in TCM and other bodies of work, exciting discoveries have been possible.

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