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The Eight Extraordinary Meridians ~ Three Levels of Creation to Master to Create our Virtual Reality

The Natures of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians…

Chong Du RenFom the Chong (Penetrating) meridian are birthed the Ren (yin) and Du (yang) channels. The Chong is said to separate the oneness into yin and yang and through it polarity is birthed. These are called the sea of yin and sea of yang, respectively. The Ren (mother) is the foundation of being, while the Du (father) provides the power of construction. The Ren travels along the front of the body (physical and etheric wombs) and the Du runs along the spine, with the Ming Men that holds the fire of creational/sexual energy. The Du Mai gives rise to our individuality.

The triad of Chong, Ren, and Du represent the first level of creation, and from these, the other vessels are created. 1 This is said to be the quiescent state. 2 This level is the beginning of embodiment in polarity, which opens up a space of expression. Overcoming the illusion of polarity leads to the state of being the living paradox (supergodhood or integrated oneness). The extraordinary meridians are said to be the first energy pathways to appear in embryonic development.

Evol of 8EMs 2The Qiao (Heel or Motility) vessels represent the dynamic state of movement that is the second order of creation.(2) These channels represent the mobilization of the quiescent yang and yin into their dynamic expression (through expressing in life) throughout the body. The Qiaos are about relationship—the yin qiao is relationship to self, and the yang qiao pertains to relationship with the world. These vessels give us our ability to be spontaneous and ever new (motility)–through them we gain the ability or are unable to presence the moment. When we are in self-importance (Du), self-pity (Ren), and self-reflection (‘navel-gazing’ Ren), the Qiaos are inflexible and energy is blocked—this translates to being attached to roles, unable to find our place in the world, the stagnation of tribalism, and so on. Lack of engagement with life and chronic fatigue or depression involve a blocked Yin Qiao/Ren pair, whereas obsessive activism, for example, points to imbalance in the Yang Qiao/Du pair. (1)

The Qiaos are the 2nd level of creation, and they give rise to the individuality, which is the illusion that is overcome in attaining to the stage of godhood or oneness. (And when the illusion is overcome, it becomes a tool of expression or emphasis).

Next come the Wei or Linking vessels. Just as the Chong is the energetic polarity of the original yin and yang (Ren and Du), so the Yin Wei Mai may be the energetic polarity of the mobilized yin and yang Qiao vessels, which brings integration to the interior (2) . From this, the yang Wei vessel becomes the energetic matrix of one’s energy field.(2) So the Wei vessels give rise to the directions of inner and outer.

The Wei vessels link up the ‘parts’ of a person’s story. Each 7-8 year cycle (some systems say 10 or 12 years), a new phase begins and the old leaves…we are not the same person through these cycles, yet in order to not have ‘amnesia’ our story (what we did with the dynamic yin/yang expressing through the Qiaos) is inscribed in the yin and yang Wei channels. These hold our autobiography.(1) They may be regarded as a body-level akasha. With the Qiaos we express in life, and with the Weis we may achieve “harmonious unity”.

If we have been traumatized, then we will be frozen in a part that is past its time—it will not be able to leave and make way for the new. According to ACM, this gets held in the spine (Du channel) and may show as stiffness and blockages, or may be lodged more deeply in the vertebrae itself. (1) The spine holds the lifecycles through life.

The appearance of the Wei channels represent the 3rd level of creation (1), and seems to correlate with the perspective of pristine man and the beginning of time or ‘becoming’ (more of a dawning awareness of potential).

And finally, the Dai Mai or Belt/Girdle vessel holds everything that we aren’t dealing with that we push down—it gets stored ‘below the belt’. The Dai is our personal underworld, and is the meridian that separates above from below. When the Dai is so full, it spills out with things such as leucorrhea.(1) Yet when clear, the Dai regulates the whole, and brings things back to the quiescent state.  In ACM, the Dai has been linked to different levels of creation. At any rate, it is an integrative force that brings fluid ‘containment’ or pacing of expansion (we can’t expand beyond what we are unwilling to face of our underworld).

The Dai is the part that can lead us into the unknowable when all the suppressed unresolved psychic material can be dealt with. In effect, as we are able to resolve the baggage, new faculties come online such that we become conscious in the subconscious (inner senses of the black light reality).

Through this journey of how the EMs flow and relate to one another, we see more clearly the stages of creation through the four primary directions, and the powers we need to master to overcome the illusions of embodiment, individuality, and separation. When we do, we master the 3 perspectives (pristine man, oneness, and integrated oneness) through which we may create our self-sovereign virtual reality.

Evol of 8EMs 3If we ponder on the natures of the eight extraordinary meridians, we will understand how, when clear of all that causes their blockages, they will be able to flow the power to birth the moment ever new. When the Weis are free of old ghosts of unresolved past, when the unresolved issues of the present lifetime dissolve, the creative/sexual energy that originates behind the navel area is free and clear to flow . This center is described as the ‘blue pilot light’ (1), and  relates to the blue ball of knowningness that Almine speaks of, out of which we create our Field of Hope that is the space of potential we nurture for our life, and our contribution and active engagement on the time maps of Infinite Intent.

And as we may burst into creative expression, the pulsing between the directions ensures phases of integrating and consolidation that fluidly allow for infinite expansion through continual compression.

* * * * *

Areas for further exploration that I will write about are the connections between the 8 EMs and the 8 principles of Divine Compassion and the connection between the meridians and the BVP Song of the Self.  Much is being revealed as we explore the connection between the acupuncture system and the Runes. I am developing processes to flow the power of the Runes in the meridian system, to activate clearing of the acupuncture points as portals or windows into our eternal self. This will be part of the Foundation to the Miraculous Life, Part 3.

1 Jeffrey C. Yuen, 3 Spirits and 7 Souls
2 Thomas Richardson, The Ying Qi Cycle and a Relation of the Extraordinary Vessels to Daoist Cosmology. Beautiful images are from his paper, (

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  1. Danny Tse says:

    How the world from one into two Du and REN,
    What trigger this happen and how?

    1. anita says:

      Sorry I missed this question. The innate desire to Self-discover, that is the primordial impulse that drives evolution.

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