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Of Miracles, FoH, Bird Clock, Time Maps, Pheromones, Muscles and Rune Mastery

With great excitement, Almine talked about the interdimensional Bird Clock as mapping out our Field of Hope in sync with the time maps of Infinite Intent…

The 8 extraordinary meridians surround the Bird clock in a repeated rhythm of three measures, and are the ‘rivers’ and reservoirs through which our reality becomes ‘assembled’. It appears that through the 8 EMs providing ‘fluid parameters’ for life,  we are no longer bound by a fixed “assemblage point” or reference point of reality, rather we become a soap bubble floating in vast Ocean of the One Life–we become our own assemblage point–in the fluid reference point of delight. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is said that to activate these 8 strangeflows, you activate the smiling heart and the vibration of joy. That is why I suggest that Song of Joy be used with the 8 EMs protocol, along with some exercises, once the main illusions have dissolved.

What happens in effect, is we become the clear ‘lens’ of the Infinite’s Experience–a jewel or seer stone through which It may animate in multi/omni-sensory perception on all levels of reality. The jewels of Embodiment are the endocrine glands, and the time maps are hormonal patterns of Infinite Intent that fluidly change moment by moment to accommodate for all those who are so becoming active time maps of the new reality.

fluid alchemy inner statesAs participants of these hormonal flows, we begin to secrete and express the pheromones of divine intent. This is where the FA oils come in. They entrain us to ever greater refined levels to participate in this high alchemy. Beyond clearing meridians, they support the morphing of the body to its highest functioning and ever more refined expression–there is no limit to their power.

Eventually as we engage all the powerful tools that Almine has brought in, we become the map mapers of reality, and we also simultaneously embody those time maps, which become ‘encoded’ in the lymph and muscles of the body.

“Changes shall come to the muscle groups of the body of man”…

(Mystical Secrets of the Toltec Way)

Rudolf Steiner has stated the that the lymph is crystallized karma that gets carried through ‘inspiration’ (of the instinctual level kind) by the muscles. He expressed that while we believe our actions are in freedom, when under karmic necessity the muscles have their ‘marching orders’, so to speak, and will bring a person to the place and time that karmic events are to unfold.

With the Bird Clock, we are in a reality beyond karma, which means that we map out our own reality. No mission, no stories, no hierarchy–nothing can deter our freedom to experience the Infinite’s Embodiment in the way that we are inspired through the stirrings of inner space. We operate beyond the law of compensation, which means we dance the paradox of life in every aspect of being and body (see the product page on the Song of the Joints). The change to the muscles, is a level of inner fluidity that allows for movement between fields of perception. The muscles that have dissolved all judgments become a power of fluidly reforming form . They then take us to the place and time of synchronicities and serendipitous events that are optimized in the unfolding moment.

full DNA Rose colorBecoming the living paradox is possible as we activate the 2nd DNA Rose of inner space, which bridges the realities of inner and outer space. Almine said on a radio show (blogtalk radio), that the 1st DNA Rose “interprets the experiential knowledge and creation of our experience externally through the DNA…through the 441 chambers”…it is a time map of reality that ends at the Chinese/Cosmic new year around Feb 15 2015. The 2nd larger DNA Rose is a 2nd time map that can only be accessed with the activation of this larger DNA Rose (672 chambers). The 2nd DNA Rose interprets inner space, articulating it as in impulse of inspiration for the other rows to materialize. They work together–they occupy the same space but on different dimensions. The 2nd Rose does not replace the first–the first Rose does not become obsolete, but rather the potential for life now must come from inner space, because the outer maps of Infinite Intent have moved to inner space as of mid-February of this year. With the Bird Clock, we may wield the power that is now ours to awaken, and with the Runes of power applied to graceful and focused destructuring, we support the activation and harmony of the sub-personalities of outer and inner space (8 directions). When they are all in place and expressing potently, we have prepared the vehicle for the Embodiment of the Infinite–then begins our adventure into high magic.

Stay tuned for Rune and FA protocols to support these amazing new body activations, as the muscle groups map directly to the twelve ordinary meridians and activate through awakening the 24 chakras, which also map to the 12 meridians. The 24 chakras activate the body’s power of manifestation magic, which becomes increasingly potent as the eight extraordinary meridians sing the tones of fertility throughout the body. The interconnectedness is exquisite poetry in expression, resulting in the miraculous body.

You are invited to explore the products that will be populating this site in the coming months, many of which will serve as preparation for rune mastery and grand mastery and training.

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