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On Meridians, Subpersonalities, God/Goddess Archetypes, and Rune Grand Mastery

The fluid alchemy that happens between masculine and feminine–knowing they were never separate– eliminates polarity and instead we become the paradox. The fluidity of being the living paradox unleashes the pheromones of divine intent.

From the teachings of Almine, we see that this state that is one of highly refined and activated sexual potency can only be attained to through complete surrender to Infinite Intent, such that the cellular structure changes and the body is governed by the ‘cell mind’ that hears only Infinite Intent. This stops the battle between the controlling mind and needy heart, which have been the body’s tyrants. This Almine has referred to as ‘sacred government’ in the body.

Stilling the polarity between masculine and feminine, throughout the body, is precursor to being able to produce neutrinos and begin to express a real environment–in other words, we must stop the movement of linear time through stopping the movement between the poles, in order to move from a mirrored existence to a true expression on the vertical axis of form. Beyond polarity is the state of being the paradox. The paradox is where Infinite and individuation meet, and the place where the ‘sparks fly’.

Becoming the living Bridge is a perpetual inner alchemy, through which are activated the pheromones of godhood. These have gold– the metal of flourishment. Abundance is the side-effect of the alchemy of pheromones that activates as a power by grace, through the fusion of masculine and feminine. And so I refer to pheromones as the ‘new currency’. The Rune Master and Grand Master are called to demonstrate a flourishing life by impeccable alignment with Infinite Intent within, and inner family harmony that is the basis of perpetual alchemy.

When this connection is made, inner and outer begin to express as a Moebius of indivisibility, and mere feeling from depth within activates the runes into impulses for outer expression via the 1st DNA Rose. The power we may wield in full Mastery of the Runes is unfathomable. Almine has stated that we have barely scratched the surface of the tools of high magic that we have received from her.

Light Elixir for the Merging of the Sub-Personalities by Phoebe SuranaEverything is profoundly interconnected–the 12 ordinary meridians and 8 extraordinary meridians as a unified field correlates to living the god/goddess archetypes fully, healing the directions and living the full 8 subpersonalities of the inner family, and so on. So working on any of these impacts the whole, yet working on all of them at once leverages results so that we can make the leap necessary to support the Embodiment of the Infinite. Through this work, we become the Bridge of No Time and Bridge of No Space–wherein we operate in exponential time, affecting our reality as a standing waveform, and master the tools of contraction and expansion, the tool of transcendence to move between the 7 fields, and of compression to bring all into the blue ball of awareness and through to ever greater refined expression. These Bridges evolve as we deepen in expression of the subpersonalities as a Moebius of indivisible expression from a unified field. The activation of each of these systems directly impacts on the abilities of the rune master to wield the power of the runes.

The 20 god/goddess archetypes (received by Almine, and appearing the the online course Entering Godhood 3 ( represent the capacities for expression of full potential in embodiment. How they impact on the meridians and sub-personalities makes for an interesting study.

We have lived the 12 and the 8 alternately, as polar opposites, and now we must live them simultaneously, in a fluid alchemy that replaces polarity as an energy source, with being the paradox. When the portal of the HH opens, we express from form and formlessness simultaneously, and the 8 extraordinaries become the shapers of reality in communion with Infinite Intent from the depth of inner space. Understand that the 8 extraordinaries have never really been active before. What is unfolding is completely new potential.

As the 8 extraordinaries find expression on the vertical axis of form, they refine expression and power through the 12 ordinaries, which are the meridians that manifest life. Almine has expressed that our life’s journey is determined by what flows in the 12 ordinary meridians, and if they are polluted with emotions and memories of the past, we are travelling along ‘polluted rivers of filth‘ (Lemurian Angels). Yet when they clear, the 8 extraordinaries–the deep reservoirs of source–begin to flow new boundless potentials.

All of these tremendous refinements are unfolding first through those wayshowers who become the Bridge of No Time, and then the Bridge of No Space.

Deep mysteries are being revealed as we embody these potentials to bring into integrated oneness the perspectives of pristine man and godhood.
Light art by Phoebe Surana,

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