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FA Protocols for Well Being in the Body ~ Soothing the 4 Reactive Patterns ~ Protocol #1

FA logo 2Did you know that production of serotonin–the feel good hormone–is done in the gut-brain rather than through the head glands? According to research, 95% of serotonin comes from the gut. This transpires when we live beyond the fight/flight/freeze/fawn complex of reactive patterns.

We all know fight and flight well…Freeze is when we go into a tailspin of confusion and get stuck in our inner dialogue about what a situation means to us (i.e. how it threatens and touches on a primal fear).  In freeze we cannot articulate or express, and lose connection to the thinking mind. Fawn is another primal response where we allow control and loss of freedom in order to appease the perpetrator who we believe can give us our sense of safety. We actually want their well-being at any cost that we abandon ourselves–this is often confused with being ‘over-compassionate’.

These four “F”s relate to the four primary sub-personalities of the vertical axis.

Fragrance Alchemy is a powerful way to soothe the nervous system and move us out of these reactive patterns. Angelic beings are associated with the various FA blends, whose function it is to clear of illusion, the meridians, organs and other body systems. Beyond that, they support activation of the hidden organs of the body, so that there eventually is established a fluid alchemy between masculine (electrical) and feminine (magnetic) components of brain, heart and gut centers. We are then in androgynous expression and states of resurrection.

There are many protocols, and I will share them over several blog posts. This first one utilizes FA blends that most who use FA have already: Blend of the Gods and Goddess Blends.


Goddess Blend (a Fuschsia blend) activates the creational codes of the true Feminine in the DNA, which are held in the Rhino’s Horn Gate in the coccyx bone. The alchemical oil may be applied to the coccyx bone and or the feet daily.

Close up shot of Egyptian hieroglyphics carved into stone with shaft of light

Blend of the Gods activates the creational codes of the true Masculine in the DNA, which are held in the  Lion’s Gate at the pineal gland. The oil can be applied to the Crown or top of head (Du-20).

When used together, a dynamic balance is supported between the inner masculine and feminine, which brings a sense of deep peace and well-being, and supports a fluid inner alchemy for manifestation beyond the law of compensation. This supports activation of the 24 chakras–the system of sexual magic–and eventually clears the matrices in the first DNA Rose that cause us to linger in illusion through the four “F”s and the lower hormones of stress and aging. Apply the oils daily, with clear intention to move past these reactive patterns that stress the adrenals.

Note: You may apply them also at night, and sleep on the wheels of the Lion’s Gate, 1st DNA Rose, and Rhino Horn’s Gate.

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Note: Light Elxir for the Goddess Blend by Almine, LLC Spiritual Journeys,

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