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Lotus Oil for the Joints ~ Portals of Transcendence


The joints are portals to infinite wisdom and intelligence that guide us to engaging highest potentials, rather than spinning in the dramas of illusion. They bridge the etheric and denser levels of physicality, and support us to hold the perfect level of density to enable engagement in the reality of form.

Almine ( teaches that discomfort in any joint area indicates that the perspectives on life associated with that joint are too limited, rigid or have become obsolete. When the joints are cleared, we become flexible, and life can fluidly reshape as we are increasingly able to interpret from multiple perspectives of reality. As we live with less density, we close the gap between inner and outer, which defines a life of miracles.

The 13 main joints are the portals of transcendence. Almine has given us many protocols to clear the joints–each one addressing another level of reality. And she has recently shared that fluidity in the joints is key in time travel, which will support a resurrected reality. Why this is, is because when the joints are rigid, we are locked into linear time (gap in cause and effect), and when fluid, we live in eternal time.

When joints are fluid on all 7 levels of reality, then we can move through obstacles in life with the grace of a master, because we are present everywhere. Nothing is obstacle to one who has access to the power of all fields, because we then are all of it: environment and perspective experiencing the environment.

What might that look like in practical terms? Say you face an ‘obstacle’ in life by way of someone giving you a hard time. You can battle, thinking your’re right and they are wrong, and your joints will tense up. (This is making life oppositional). Now if you are flexible in joints, on the other hand, you may experience many levels of reality at once:

  • You may see the other’s perspective and be able to more easily find a unifying factor between seeming opposite viewpoints.(2nd field that is inclusive)
  • You might see behind appearances at the perfection of the situation, and from that, be able to envision resolution at a refined level of reality. (3rd field of higher perception)
  • You might then see how a deeper aspect of your being has orchestrated this situation to nudge you to  express from greater capacities of mastery that you have been seeking to embody (4th Field of embracing the unknown in life).
  • You may sense the eternal principles at play and hold the situation archetypally,  so that all life is changed by how you presence things anew…how you show up in new ways (5th Field of the eternal self).
  • You may then feel yourself aligning more deeply with the moving forces of Infinite Intent, and becoming deeply intimate with the Source of your Existence. From the resonance of an open heart you are increasingly enamored and in awe as you feel your potent expression in life (6th Field of godhood).
  • You might then tap into new adventures that life is beckoning you to…the new potentials that are there now that you are shedding obsolete patterns of opposition and showing up with new resourcefulness. (7th Field of the unfolding journey).

In the fluidity of the joints,  life will surprise you with resolutions you would not even imagine (like the person suddenly loses interest in opposing you and instead offers to help you in some way, or another better potential opens and the obstacle is irrelevant), and in time you will marvel and delight at how miraculously life responds to your harmlessness and clear intent. You then get a taste of the power you have to shape your life as a work of art.

Density in the joints is indicative of the degree of tension between the masculine and the feminine aspects of being–the doing and being.

With less tension we have a growing sensitivity of subtle feelings in the body, and begin to attune more deeply to the fields of inner space, or the black light reality. This requires us to release all unnecessary tension in the body.

I invite you to explore a product on the 13 joints that combines the power of the Runes of the Infinite Mother: 13 Joints as Portals of Transcendence, and another one with a set of audio meditations to contemplate on each insight of the joints and the specific tones for each that free them of density: Tones and Insights to bring Fluidity to Joints

You are also encouraged to incorporate the following practice in your life:

  • FA logo 2Apply Lotus oil to the 13 joints before bed. When laying in bed, flow fuchsia light to each of your 13 joints and ask the angel of the FA Lotus oil to assist you in releasing tension. Ask for clarity through dreams if there are insights needed. End with a few cleansing breaths, imaging a wave of fuchsia light sweeping over you, on the exhalation, from head to feet, in a wave of deep relaxation.

Below is a short extract of the Atlantean Angel elixir from Elesh-nuchbavar, the one who reveals Existence as a Living Work of Art and helps dissolve the polarity between the masculine and feminine poles of existence, bringing fluidity to form. (Sung by Almine).  Apply the incomparable Lotus oil to the joints, and take a two-minute break during your day, welcoming the angel’s powerful elixir to melt away all tension in the joints across the seven fields of reality. According to Almine, Lotus oil creates a profound awakening in the hidden centers of the body, specifically the pineal and the high heart. It also creates a field of golden light around the body.

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