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Higher Function of the Eight Miraculous Vessels: Bridge of No Time and No Space

The eight extraordinary meridians or vessels and the twelve primary ordinary meridians comprise the main part of the meridian system. Most of the eight vessels branch out from the twelve ordinary channels and share the function of circulating Qi throughout the body. Yet there are many types of qi, and some originate from the eight.

These vessels form complex interconnections with the ordinary meridians. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the twelve primary organ-related meridians and only two of the eight extraordinary (the Governing or Du and the Conception or Ren vessels). The other six vessels are not used very often simply because they are not well understood. They’ve been referred to as curious, miraculous, imponderable, unfathomable vessels.

Each of these channels is known to exerts a strong effect upon psychic functioning and individuality, their command points are among the most important psychological points in the body. For this reason, they are also referred to as “The Eight Psychic Channels.”

The Du and the Ren make up the Bridge of No Time, and the other 6 imponderable vessels comprise the Bridge of No Space. These 8 extraordinary vessels enable us to live the perspectives of godhood or oneness, and supergoodhood or integrated oneness. The 6 imponderables have not yet been lived, and the god and goddess archetypes associated with these are ones that have never yet been known in our physical cosmos.


These vessels are

  1. Governing Vessel (Du Mai)
  2. Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)
  3. Penetrating of Thrusting Vessel (Chong Mai)
  4. Belt or Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai)
  5. Yang Heel Vessel (Yangqiao Mai)
  6. Yin Heel Vessel (Yinqiao Mai)
  7. Yang Linking Vessel (Yangwei Mai)
  8. Yin Linking Vessel (Yinwei Mai)

The eight extraordinary meridians are very distinct from one another in how they operate. They give us the directions and infrastructure to our reality, and when the matrices of illusion and belief systems of separation are cleared, these directions become tools of fluid perception. When outside of subcreated realities, they support the renewal of life in each moment, through the 8 Tones of Fertility that they sing.

It is generally agreed that the twelve organ-related ordinary meridians constitute rivers, while the eight extraordinary vessels constitute the reservoirs of source qi.

8extrameridiansandtrigramsWhen the twelve primary meridians are deficient in Qi, the eight vessels will supply them in various ways, according to what type of qi is needed. Stimulating their command points can bring the body and mind to a state of homeostasis and stillness very effectively. The command points behave like the gates of a reservoir, which can be used to adjust the strength of the Qi flow in the rivers. They are useful in situation of challenge and shock, as they will flow qi to the organ systems most affected to circumvent further damage.

Their most commonly known functions include:

  • Guard against invasive disturbances
  • Regulate the Changes of Life Cycles –they are the masters of time and hormones, which act in the body like timing mechanism to instigate lifecycle changes. They are considered to hold secrets of rejuvenation.
  • Circulate Jing Qi to the Entire Body, –this is essence qi, which converts to sexual essence. This is fed to the entire body, including skin and hair. Known as ‘seas’, they also deliver essence qi to the five ‘ancestral’ or inherited organs: the brain and spinal cord, the liver and gall bladder, the bone marrow, the uterus, and the blood system.

As these curious vessels clear from programs of the matrix of duality and separation, their functions as miraculous vessels that can fertilize the entire body to becoming ever new in each moment, will become more apparent. They will renew and transcend the inherited programs that lodge in brain, spinal cord, liver, gallbladder, bone marrow, uterus and blood.

In particular, when they express at higher function several things happen: 1- their powers of fertility are able to regenerate the eight programmed cells at the base of the spine. 2- a third blood cell, the black blood cell forms from the spleen, and 3- the linear nervous system that binds us to gravity can be transcended through the power of levitation that is possible from the higher functions of the eight extras. The NS of inner space, which is a field, begins to operate, enabling us to transcend mortal limitations. (From the teachings of Almine, see her audios on levitation, nervous system, and black blood cells on

The third black blood cell comes online through them, causing the cell to activate through the 12 ordinary meridians, which enables the evolved expression of higher pheromones that can only activate when we know our vastness and all sufficiency.We move from sexual/survival hormones to ever greater expression of higher ‘pheromones’ of Infinite Intent.

I invite you to explore clearing of the 8 primary illusions in the 8 extraordinary meridians, activating the Song of Joy through them, and establishing deeply in the 8 Tones of Fertility (new video/audios in progress).

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