Full Clearing Support of the 12 Ordinary & 8 Extraordinary Meridians

Many new products will be coming out in weeks to come, which bring Almine’s immense body of work to practical application with clear connections made. Below is presented the work on clearing the 12 ordinary and 8 extraordinary meridians–something that has captivated me for many years.

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Some new ones are being packaged and launched for the Fundraising Event in Support and Appreciation of Almine.

All net sales during the Fundraising Week–including FA oil sales–will be donated to Almine.

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The 20 meridians are central to our evolution and ability to merge inner and outer space as a seamless integrated Moebius of indivisibility. In November 2014, Almine expressed that she was looking at massive revelations in the areas of meridians, hormones and time.  All this is unfolding, as we explore her vast body of work with new eyes, in light of cosmic developments.

You are invited to explore the many offering, to clear and activate the meridian system, to become a  unified field for high magic.

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The 12 ordinary meridians, at their highest expression, will become ‘wombs of fluid manifestation of Infinite Intent‘, as we will then be secreting and expressing evolved hormones, or pheromones, — the language of the Infinite–the interactions of which ignite alchemical potentials along the time maps of Infinite Intent.

Through the eight extraordinary meridians, our reality is determined–they give us the infrastructure of our reality, which may be imprisoning matrices of belief systems, or a fluid reality that is ever new and beyond reference points. They are the reservoirs of source, and the flows of inner space. From the directives of the eight EMs, the twelve ordinary meridians (OMs) organize life and express from it. They are closely tied to the organs, which hold onto past cycles that have not been resolved (i.e. have not yielded their insights).  To the extent that the 12 OMs are polluted rivers that recycle old memories and organs live as ghosts of the past, we are unable to presence the moment. As we clear the primary illusions from the 8 EMs, and memories and stories of the past from the 12 OMs, we come into wholeness…”into the unanimous moment” of fluid space and no time.
If you are interested in Rune Mastery, the clearing and activation of the full meridian system into unified field, prepares us to be able to wield the power of the Runes.

List of New Products to Support Clearing and Activation of the 12 OMs and 8 EMs

All products use specific Fragrance Alchemy oils, and come with written material, video, and audio support.

Clearing and Activating the 12 Ordinary Meridians to Operate Beyond the 3 phases of Linear Change

Meridian clearing moves through levels–each one resulting in greater mastery of the tools of the matrix–until we achieve a life of no opposites, wherein manifestation is fluid alchemy with the Infinite.

  • Transforming emotions that bind us to illusion into powers to cut ties, dissolve memory, and move to freedom (Clearing the 144 illusions of Heart, Mind, Spirit and Activating the 3 Gates in the Body with FA; Clearing 12 Ordinary Meridians – simple clearing with FA through the Horary Clock) Fragrance Alchemy: 12 FA Oils for the 12 ordinary meridian kit
  • 12 oms on clockTransmutation (alchemy) ~ bringing online higher perception/states of being that become the ‘game changer’ out of the matrix, to emotional equanimity and new potency for life (Emotional Purging of 12 Ordinary Meridians and Activation to Higher Expression  (12 Meridian Videos) (activates the Qualities of Empowerment of the Hidden Planets, Tones of Purity and regeneration, and Tones of Clarity )). Fragrance Alchemy: 12 FA Oils for the 12 ordinary meridian kit

At this stage, beyond negative emotions, we deepen in surrendered trust that all life is benevolent and unfolds in flawless perfection. We move away from being at the effect of others, into becoming first cause (center of the tube torus). We become increasingly able to maintain emotional equanimity and live beyond drama.

  • Transfiguration ~ which is to assume higher properties of refined levels of life so that the ‘membrane’ between old reality and refined one falls away. At this stage we embody higher principles of refined life, such that we make peace with life, stop resisting, live the surrendered life, and express attitudes and perspectives to dissolve illusion and move on paths of higher truth (The 12 Tones of Harmlessness of the 12 Ordinary MeridiansFragrance Alchemy: 12 FA Oils for the 12 ordinary meridian kit

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So now we have mastered the 3 tools of linear change…we have turned the tyrants into tools of expression. We move on further…

  • Evol of 8EMs 3Transcendence, which is moving from a lower to a higher reality, by living perceptions that belong to higher. This is becoming the observer, that adds 4th point– so no longer are you in ‘flatland’ (flat surface), but now you live from a pyramid. In terms of the tube torus, you have stepped in the middle. This is achieved through clearing the 8 primary illusions that hold the directions fixed. Beyond illusions of separation, you become simultaneous observer and observed…the dreamer and the dream–recognizing all without to be within. When transcendence is reached, you are able to move consciousness through the 7 fields, as needed to masterfully move through life. (Dispelling the Eight Primary Illusions of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Dissolving the 4 Mirrors of the Directions by Higher Expression through the 12 Ordinary Meridians).
  • Fragrance Alchemy: 8 FA Oils for the 8 extraordinary meridians for first product, 12 FA Oils for the 12 ordinary meridian kit for the 4 Mirrors.
  • moebiusLastly is transcendentalism…or the compressed perspective, wherein you move to the origin beyond all story…you become the ‘twist’ in the Moebius of the High Heart…the fractal pattern of reality. This is the state where you are in the middle of tube torus, and your Heart’s song causes the tube torus to move in response to you as ‘standing wave of potential’. You sing and the song flows over to encompass the tube torus and comes back as resources magnified (perpetual alchemy). Space is formed by seeking for the lost songs from a sense of lack (we long for the songs of wholeness that we have suppressed); the walls of space dissolve by singing the missing songs. In transcendentalism, space becomes fluid by the Song of the Heart.  You no longer operate in linear time chasing after goals, but rather, in no time, the future rushes toward you.

For everything that you do from the Field of Hope that emanates from your heart, a cosmic-equivalent is created by the angel gods..the song that your heart sings becomes a time map (or ‘clock’)….merged with Infinite’ time maps…your dreams are then taken up by the universe into eternity. (The 8 Tones of Fertility of the  8 Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Activating the 24 chakras of Fluid Alchemy of Feminine/Masculine & the Tones of Fluid manifestation in the 12 Ordinary Meridians, Activating the Resurrection Points and the High Heart through the Inner and Outer States of Nature).Fragrance Alchemy: 8 FA Oils for the 8 Tones of Fertility, 12 FA Oils for the 24 Chakras of Fluid Alchemy of F/M, and add Song of the High Heart FA oil for the Activating the Resurrection Points and Inner/Outer States of Nature.

At this stage, life in the more real has just begun–we dwell outside of the corruptible building blocks and will demonstrate the magic of man to an ever increasing degree.

So much more can will be explored and integrated, adding to the alchemical leveraging that happens in our bodies in preparation to wield the power of the runes.


Foundation to the Miraculous Life Programs ~ Part 3 in Spring 2016

The Foundation to the Miraculous Life Programs bring all of the above and more into the equation of body evolution.  These have been done live twice now, and the next phase of the work is Foundation to the Miraculous Life Part 3, which will explore regeneration, higher hormones through the god/goddess archetypes, practices and processes to support operating  from inner space, and the alchemy of pheromones. These FML programs are rich and layered, supporting profound life changes. Details on FML-3 will be forthcoming as all comes together!

Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians ~ Live FA Program in October

IMG_0016 12 FA oils on sheetJoin Elyse Killoran as she leads you through understanding and applying the power of the 12 FA oils to clear the emotions of the 12 OMs. Material with the program includes the 12 videos to clear and activate the 12 OMs, several manuals to support understanding the nature of each meridian and its higher perspectives, and tables of correspondences to the hidden planets and their qualities.  This program is suitable as introduction to FA and to emotional clearing through the meridians, yet carries the power to effect deep clearing and breaking the spell of false emotions. The program will run for 4 weeks, and includes a live teleseminar weekly, with rich material to work with and a FB group where you will receive daily guidance and can ask questions.

A portion of proceeds from the programs sold during the fundraiser week will go to Almine!  If you are considering exploring FA to greater depth, this is a great time to join and support Almine and her work. If you have wanted to share FA with friends and loved ones but just did not know how best to get them started, this program may well be the answer! Email me with any questions, at [email protected].

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