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Training in Fragrance Alchemy


Fragrance Alchemy is a most powerful and simple modality that can be incorporated quickly into an existing practice. It can also be developed as a business to spread its use in spas, yoga studios, and healing centers. It stands head and shoulders above other essential oils in its power to heal and transform the body, and is has not rally been advertised yet, beyond a small niche market of Almine’s dedicated students. This is changing, and if you wish to be part of spreading its power, please contact me to begin a mentoring program.

Training in Fragrance Alchemy presently is through mentoring, augmented by the meridian programs. These are foundational–in the programs you will gain the context necessary to truly comprehend the formidable power of the FA modality. These programs stand on their own, and are highly recommended for personal evolution, as they will lead you away from false negative emotions, and to emotions as a true power of manifestation. This is way beyond the law of attraction teachings–we are looking at the high alchemy of having life fulfil your slight intent because you have become a gateway of Divine Will.

If you are keen to train in this most powerful modality, you may contact me at [email protected]

For the practitioner wishing to use FA on clients, the meridian programs and Inner Family programs are a requisite, so you can start there right away. You may also wish to purchase a full practitioner kit (34 oils) and get to know the properties of the oils and the many protocols. A manual of oil properties and application protocols is available, and comes with the full practitioner kit. It can also be purchased on its own (on the AFA store)

Below are some details on the current programs. More can be explored on your own through the many products offered on the AFA store, as they all work with clearing/activating the body with Fragrance Alchemy protocols.
12 FA oils on sheet

12 Ordinary Meridians

Liberating your Radiant Powers ~ Uncovering the Gems of Power in the 12 Ordinary Meridians

The 12 ordinary meridians are the ‘rivers of life’–through them our life is manifested. When we have unprocessed emotions, these rivers are polluted, and we keep recycling the old distortions in repetitive cycles. We are then trapped in karma, in linear time and under the law of compensation. All unprocessed, suppressed emotions get stored in the ordinary meridians, where they cause the qi or life force to get blocked or compromised. We leak energy into illusion and are under the laws of aging and decay.

The Fragrance Alchemy oils for the 12 Ordinary Meridians are specially formulated to hold all the frequencies of a healthy meridian. They initially work to clear the emotional debris, and at later stages they restore the full frequencies and activate the meridians to their higher functioning.

In the program, you will work with the four primary distortions of each meridian, and learn to see beyond their illusion, to the higher gems or powers that are waiting to be expressed. So we move through 48 distortions and find 48 higher powers that liberate out from the repetitive cycles of emotional karma.

This program is suitable for anyone wishing the accelerate awakening, but is also good for practitioners wanting to learn about the meridians and their higher functions in order to use fragrance alchemy with their clients. When free of emotional triggers, we operate beyond the law of compensation.   Next program will be in 2018–date to be announced. Program uses the 12 FA Oils for the 12 ordinary meridians– you can start exploring these FA oils at any time! Click here to explore the 12 OM oils.

Activating the 8 Extraordinary Meridian

Details to come.

Activating the 8 Aspects of the Inner Family

We offered this program in 2016 and 2017, and will be offering another version in the course of 2018. This is a foundational program to fully grasp the power to manifest through the cleared and activated meridian system. The Inner Family is the inner psyche, through which we may operate in wholeness, and cooperate with the mighty creational powers of the 8 extraodinary meridians–flows of Source. Program uses the 8 FA Oils for the 8 extraordinary meridians and the set for the sub-personalities– you can start exploring these FA oils at any time! Click here to explore the 8 OM oils to dispel illusion and the 8 FA oils for the sub-personalities.

Other Training and Programs

All programs I offer use the Fragrance Alchemy oils, but the following ones are not part of FA practitioner training.

The Magical Bird Clock

Manifesting outside the law of compensation, by unifying the meridian system and living from the full Inner Family on all 8 Fields of existence–this is a big study that holds infinite promise. The  Bird Clock is the tool that holds the space for us to manifest pristinely. Received by Almine, this power tool gives us “stupendous power” for high alchemy. It also supports clearing and unifying of the meridian system, and the production of pheromones of high alchemy.

Dates to be announced.  Recommended pre-requisites are the meridian and Inner Family program.

Runes of the Infinite Mother ~ Mastery and Grand Mastery Training

Suited for personal and professional use, training is on the Rune Mastery Environment–a very powerful platform to integrate the runes deeply and learn all the spreads given by Almine. Program has been offered since 2016.

A self-study program with some personal one-on-one training and initiation will be available soon.

Next program ~ Tentative date for the live program: May 2018.

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