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Welcome to the Academy of Fragrance Alchemy

This site is presently under construction.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for, explore, as that is where the FA info was originally, before it became too unwieldy and needed its own site.

If you want to explore more Fragrance Alchemy, follow this link, after reading below.

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The Fragrance Alchemy site (AFA) will be a place to deeply explore the many levels of potency of these alchemical oils, as we transcend all emotionality and move into the deeper inner space of the 672 inner senses. Shallow emotions that trap our consciousness and aliveness have no place in a life beyond separation. Living from the depth and richness of the inner senses causes us to become the attentive observer of life, that knows itself to be the observed as well. We are all: we are the center fractal pattern of our life, and the expressions of life in our environment.

The oils and blends are formulations based on alchemical equations received by the great mystic and seer, Almine. Is is to her that we owe this most powerful of healing tools!

In alchemy, the sum of the parts yields far greater power than the parts themselves, and the power of high alchemy is necessary at this time, in order to usher in the new reality beyond opposition.

FA adds a whole other level of potency to accelerate the release of stuck patterns of distortion and limitation, and from their release, we fuel our body evolution until we are firmly established in the new reality, wherein we engage in perpetual alchemy with the Infinite Being that is our true source. I am offering training in FA to those who are eager to embrace the highest potentials of our time.

12 oms on clockThe FA protocols work to powerfully clear the emotional debris and charged memories that hinder the flow of life force in the 12 ordinary meridians, and also clear the 8 extraordinary meridians that determine the reality we operate within.

The 8 EMs choose our reality, while the 12 OMs organize reality according to those fluid parameters. Unless we are conscientiously ‘choosing’ with an active Field of Hope that sees behind appearances, the choice is made for us and we live a programmed life.

As the 12 ordinary meridians clear, we attain emotional equanimity and are no longer pulled in energy-draining drama. Memory begins to dissolve and we release the scar tissue of trauma from the dream of separation. When we remember our deeper origins, this acts as powerful springboard to leap toward new boundless horizons.

Art for 8 Meridians 7When these 8 deeper meridians are cleared of illusions that have trapped us in a life of opposites (duality and struggle) and in beliefs that externals have power over us, then we activate all body systems to higher functioning, transcend linear time and aging, and begin living a life of no opposites. No longer does hardship and opposition steer our course; rather are we guided by the song of our heart and the inspiration that holds its own source of energy. Perpetually vitalized, life increasingly becomes a grand adventure of Self-discovery.

Join us as we embark on the grandest adventure in body evolution of all time!

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